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How To Edit a Zoom Recording video in 6 Simple Steps?

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How To Edit a Zoom Recording video In 6 Simple Steps

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How To Edit a Zoom Recording video |step by step approach |


The recent outbreak of the pandemic has changed the way businesses operate.

With remote work gaining prominence around the world, companies are increasingly leveraging video conferencing tools to ensure seamless productivity.

Zoom, a cloud-based video chat tool, has emerged as a boon for businesses of all sizes.

Ideal for conducting live conferences, Zoom is used by businesses and academic institutions alike.

How To Edit a Zoom Recording video

The best part about Zoom is that it improves business communications without requiring any heavy financial investment.

With Zoom at our disposal, we can effectively collaborate with remote teams from almost anywhere in the world.

But like other forms of content, Zoom recordings also call for some basic video editing.

Contrary to popular belief, we don’t need a professional video-making degree to edit Zoom recordings.

However, editing a Zoom video can seem like an uphill task if one doesn’t have any prior experience in doing the same.

But there is no need to worry as technological advances have made things a lot easier over the years.

We can rely on a free online video editor to make the necessary edits to Zoom recordings.

We will now shed light on the 6 easy steps to edit a zoom recording from scratch.



1. Choosing a reliable video editor

When it comes to editing Zoom recordings, the first step is to choose a powerful and reliable video editor.

Since the internet is flooded with a plethora of video editing tools, we must take out time to choose an editor that best suits our requirements.

We can go through online reviews for different video editors, as doing so will help us make the right choice.

The finest editing tools boast a simple and intuitive interface to help us get started easily.

Besides being user-friendly, the online video editor offers pre-made unique video templates.

We can easily pick a readymade template for our Zoom recordings. Even these tools can add media files upto 100GB and create videos for upto 40 mins long.

We must keep in mind that our choice of video editor will go a long way in determining the success of our overall editing efforts.


2. Creating a catchy intro for Zoom recording

Edit zoom recording video


Once we are done selecting a video editor, the next step is to craft a catchy intro that will catch the attention of viewers right away.

Videos that lack a high-quality intro often end up being monotonous for the viewers.

A majority of people click away from videos whose intro does not interest them.

So, pay extra attention to this segment and create an ultra-engaging intro for the Zoom recording.


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3. Background noise removal


No matter how hard we try, there will always be some background noise in our Zoom recordings.

But we need not be concerned as online video editors come equipped with advanced features to get rid of background noises from the content.

An online video editor can help us eliminate pops and hisses from recordings in a flash.

Once the background noise removal process is complete, the sound in the recordings will be much clearer.


4. Trim down your Zoom recording


The attention span of humans has indeed decreased substantially over the years. Now that attention spans have narrowed drastically, audiences have become somewhat averse to long-form video content.

Another thing is that people are short on time, owing to which they are unable to watch lengthy recordings.

Therefore, we must keep our recordings short and sweet to grab the attention of viewers easily.

We can cut out unwanted segments from our Zoom recordings with a free online video editor.

5. Include relevant subtitles


Many times, people find it difficult to understand what’s being said in a recording.

This could be due to a variety of reasons like major accent differences, lack of clarity, etc.


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This is where subtitles can come in handy. We must add relevant subtitles to our Zoom recordings to ensure an easy understanding of the content we are delivering.

Subtitles can be of great help to people who watch recordings without the sound on.

What’s great is that we can add subtitles to our recordings with a couple of clicks using a web-based video editor.

Just see to it that the subtitles sync well with the content in the Zoom recording, or else the final product could turn out to be a little messy.


6. Add a unique logo to Zoom recordings


Adding custom logos is one of the best ways to lend a personal and unique touch to recordings.

A logo gives our brand a personalized identity that can set us apart from competitors in a jiffy.

If our videos have a cool logo, people will have an easy time identifying our brand.

A logo will not only help build brand recognition but also boost the appeal of the content to a great extent.

The good news is that we don’t have to spend on hiring a professional to get our logo designed.

We can easily craft splendid logos in minutes with the help of a powerful online video editor.

The logo we design must be relevant to your brand, or else our viewers may find it difficult to relate to us.

While we can add the logo anywhere we want, consider adding it on the top right or bottom right corner of the screen to create the best possible impact.


Takeaway – |How to edit a zoom recording video in 6 easy steps |


In recent times, Zoom has become people’s most preferred tool for video-based communications.

The video chat tool is way more intuitive and efficient than other video conferencing apps online.

The rising popularity of Zoom is prompting businesses to adopt the video conferencing tool for facilitating a seamless remote work experience.

At the moment, Zoom is being leveraged across industries and professional settings.

Back when the pandemic was prevalent, the user base of Zoom witnessed a whopping 70x growth in India alone.

With companies increasingly making the shift towards remote working environments, the adoption of this video chat tool is bound to increase in the future.

The nicest thing about Zoom recordings is that they are easily editable. We just have to sign in to our Zoom account and navigate to recordings to get started with the process.

We can spruce up our Zoom recordings in a plethora of ways by using custom logos, special effects, GIFs, music, etc.

However, we must deploy a powerful online video editing tool to make our recordings look more professional.

Since there is already an abundance of video editors online, we must be extra careful while making the selection.

Moreover, we must have a decent device and a fast internet connection to edit recordings without hassle.



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