Top 10 Ways to Make Money Watching Videos Online

It’s a very simple approach to get extra money because you probably already view movies and advertisements online in your free time.

It’s a fantastic approach to generate income in addition to related endeavors like launching a YouTube channel.

Additionally, gaining work experience relating to video could improve your resume.

Therefore, it’s great if you want to work in cinema, television, or digital media.

There are several ways to make money from watching videos, and we’ll go over the greatest ones in this article.


How to earn money watching videos online

Here are the top ways to get paid to watch videos including watching youtube videos for free and making money at the same time


  1. Ways to make money Watching videos on Swagbucks.

If you haven’t done so previously, register with Swagbucks.

If you haven’t already, Swagbucks is an excellent place to start if you want to start earning money from simple chores.

You can get paid to view videos, browse the internet, and do paid online surveys.

Swagbucks also helps you earn money by watching ads on the platform.

Swagbucks offers a variety of video content, including viral videos, news videos, and advertisements.

You might not make a lot of money or “Swagbuck points” (also known as SB) by watching movies on the website, but since it’s such simple money, it’s worth a go.

Additionally, your profits will increase quickly if you use Swagbucks in addition to the other recommendations on this list.

Read our in-depth Swagbucks review for further advice. Click the link below for a special sign-up incentive.


         2. How to Make money watching videos on InboxPounds

One of the top 10 ways to make money by watching videos online is on InboxPounds.

Like Swagbucks, InboxPounds operates in a similar manner.

It enables you to get paid for quite basic actions like viewing videos and completing surveys.

Again, you might not earn much money here, but you can earn more money if you complete more things besides watching movies

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You can make money even by reading InboxPounds’ bargain emails or using their search engine.

Join InboxPounds here


     3. Watch video ads on WeAre8 for earnings or charity


Earn money by watching ads on weAre8

Credit: WAYHOME studio – Shutterstock

Want to watch advertising for cash and do good at the same time? You may need the software WeAre8.

Aside being one of the best paid platforms to get paid to watch youtube videos, this app is one of the top best ways to make money by watching videos online.

WeAre8, just like swagbucks helps you earn money by watching ads too.

WeAre8 is an app that allows you to make money from watching videos, just like some of the other ones on our list.

However, there is a small difference. You can contribute to charity in addition to earning money to increase your bank account.

On this platform, you can earn 10p to 20p every video after watching ads in exchange for answering a few brief questions.

There are three ways to get paid out after reaching the minimum payout threshold (£1) from watching brand video advertisements:

  • It might be transferred to your PayPal account.
  • Your EE mobile could be paid automatically.
  • You might set it up to automatically pay your EE mobile bill or donate the money to a charity of your choice.

Every time you watch a video on the app, companies also donate to charity as an additional (and very pleasant) perk.


Register with WeAre8.


       4. Watch ads, TV trailers and more for money on Slicethepie

Slicethepie is a review site that lets you earn points for doing loads of very easy things like watching interesting videos, listening to music and answering survey questions.

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The videos include commercials and clips like trailers for films and TV shows.

The minimum withdrawal is $10 (about £8.15) which will get paid into your PayPal account.

As they read through all the reviews before making payments, you might need to wait up to five working days for the withdrawal request to be processed.

You can find out more in our guide to reviewing on Slicethepie, or click the link below to sign up.

As you can now see that Slicethepie is one of the top ways to make money by watching videos online and giving reviews.

Sign up Slicethepie »


       5.  Make money watching videos on PrizeRebel

Ways to make money watching videos online

Credit: bbernard – Shutterstock

PrizeRebel is a site that lets you earn money watching videos online – something that requires so little work it’s almost free money.

You can request the money you’ve earned through the site as PayPal money or as gift cards.

When withdrawing the money via PayPal, there’s a minimum payout of $5 (about £4).

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If you’re redeeming your points for a voucher, you may find the minimum payout is lower than it is when using PayPal.

For example, you might be able to use your points to claim an Amazon voucher worth $2 (about £1.65).

When you redeem the points you’ve earned through the site, your money/gift cards will be processed and sent to you within 24 hours.

As well as watching videos, you can also answer paid online surveys and refer friends to PrizeRebel to boost your earnings.

And on PrizeRebel’s social media pages, they often share opportunities to get bonus points.


     6. Create movie subtitles as a freelancer using Fiverr

Making money through fiverr as a movie subtitler falls under our list of the top 10 ways of making money by watching videos online but this time as a freelancer on one of the best platforms that pays you to write, design or subtitle a movie for someone.

To increase the amount of film-related experience listed on your CV, you might begin working as a freelancer to produce subtitles for online videos (and earn money in the process).

Transcribing and writing subtitles might take a lot of time. So, in order to save time, some content creators use freelancers to write the subtitles for their videos.

On services like Fiverr, you may find freelancers that will write video subtitles for cash.

To obtain a sense of prices, look at what other independent contractors charge for similar services.

After that, post prices you consider to be fair but competitive.

Several Fiverr freelancers typically start charging for producing subtitles at around £4, on average.

If you speak another language, it is a plus.

It suggests that you could charge a bit more for independent video translation.

Furthermore, it will surely impress prospective employers.


       7. Make money from film and TV reviews

money in a purse

Credit: Yevgen Kravchenko, kamui29, Bell Photography 423 – Shutterstock


Interested in making money from watching videos? One of the greatest and most well-known ways to earn money online is to do this is to start reviewing movies or television shows.

To the point of writing about videos as a full-time career is by no means simple.

But you can do it if you work hard, are committed, and have good writing skills.

The fields of film and television criticism are incredibly competitive.

In order to reflect your degree of experience, you should start out by charging lower fees, especially if you’re considering writing on a freelance basis.

But keep in mind that you should be compensated for your writing.

Just because you’re starting out, you shouldn’t have to take payments that are less than what you consider to be fair.

Consider internships to strengthen your resume while you are ready for a full-time position as a film or television critic.

Unfortunately, not all internships in journalism are adequately paid (or at all, in some cases) but you can still make money watching videos online through this means.

Additionally, our approach on supporting yourself financially during the placement can be useful if you end up on an unpaid internship.

You can progressively raise your rates and accept more commissions as you begin to amass a portfolio of reviews and establish your reputation.

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        8. Pitching editors with article ideas on movies and TV shows


It’s worth starting a blog if you want to start being paid to write film or television reviews as a freelancer.

You can display your writing abilities and style there.

Next, look for magazines that are commissioning editors. Send them an email and get in touch with them directly to present your concept.

Link to your website or portfolio at the conclusion of your pitch so they may examine your work.

Keep proposals brief, have confidence in your article ideas, and don’t let rejections discourage you.

Keep working, and maybe you’ll be able to start earning money from writing about the movies and TV series you love.


     9. Participate in paid psychological research


This could be an excellent option for you to make money by watching movies if you’re interested in participating in psychological and behavioral studies.

Depending on the type of study and how long it lasts, the compensation you can receive for participating in psychological studies will vary greatly, however you might get paid up to £100 or more.

Please take notice, however, that we advise against enrolling in studies just to earn money; instead, we advise against doing them because you actually want to.

There is a chance that they will be mentally or emotionally taxing, depending on the study’s nature.

So it’s essential to just participate in those you feel completely at ease with.


How to locate trials in psychology

When enrolling in psychological research, it’s crucial to focus on reputable organizations, just like with any clinical trials.

We advise concentrating on research done at universities while looking for reliable paid psychology trials.


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Ask the psychology department at your university if there are any upcoming studies you may participate in first.

The finest and simplest approach to participate in one would be in this manner.

But if that’s not possible, you can consider enrolling in classes at other colleges.

Try searching Google for “[university name] psychological trials” to narrow your results.

This ought should lead to the appropriate page on the university website.

There, you can discover instructions on how to apply as well as calls for study trial volunteers.

Or, you might always get in touch with the psychology department of a university directly, either by phone or email, to learn more about their planned research.

Universities frequently claim that they are seeking “volunteers” for the research.

However, you will often still receive payment (either in cash or in the form of vouchers) for your time and expenses when you take advantage of these possibilities.

For instance, you can sign up to participate in studies online at the University of Cambridge.

Despite the fact that they are seeking volunteers, they do provide “minimal monetary incentive” to those who participate.

Videos may not always be a part of studies, but keep an eye out for the ones that interest you.


     10. Promote videos for companies online


The last ways to make money watching videos on our list of the top best 10 ways of earning money from watching videos online is by promoting videos for companies online.

You may want to think about charging businesses to promote their online ads and videos in addition to getting paid to view them.

Online influencers frequently earn money through sponsored articles.

It would be beneficial if you had a respectable number of followers on social media and/or your own site, even if you don’t absolutely need a sizable internet following to do this.

You can charge businesses more to disseminate their content as your following grows.

The videos you’re advertising should, of course, be beneficial and pertinent to your audience.

Sharing content that doesn’t engage your followers could have a significant negative influence on your online brand.

To collaborate on a sponsored video post, try getting in touch with the influencer marketing teams of brands that interest you.

Additionally, you might search on freelance marketplaces like Fiverr for businesses that would be willing to pay you to post their video footage online.

This can be particularly successful if you have a modest online following.

However, if you are compensated to share a piece online, keep in mind to make it obvious that it is an advertisement or sponsored content.


Summary – How to make money watching videos online

Earning money by watching videos or get paid to watch ads and tv shows online has become a question that needs answers to folks who are so willing to earn a few extra bucks for them while also having fun watching videos or answering surveys online.

It’s become quite when you understand the ways to earn money online from watching interesting movies and videos and reading this article till the end simply uncovers that.


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