Write for Us(Guest Posting)

Write For Us

Type of Contents required by Jemmyblog write for us

  1. Networths, Biography, wiki
  2. Entertainments ( Celebrity Gists, Music, Videos)
  3. Health
  4. Tech (Gadgets, How To) etc.
  5. How To Topics
  6. Business, Finance
  7. Agriculture (Food Menus)

Method Of The Article and Article Requirements

  1. As we invite the contributors from various niche to write for Jemmyblog, the given guidelines are extremely vital for us.
  2. We Accept the articles which are, all around informative, educational, unique, and with no grammatical mistakes and majority ought to maintain great readability
  3. We demand every one of the writers to ensure the tone of the article ought to be well-informed, enlightening, and novel and grammatical mistakes free contents.
  4. Check twise prior to sending the article to us, ensure it would be better in the event that go through a grammatical checker like, Grammarly Tool or then again assuming you have some other great devices.

Do’s Points

  • The article should be more than 800 and plus words and should be unique content.
  • We limit 1 (or) 2 links per article, 1 for your internal page another to your homepage.
  • Content should be with proper subheadings and a proper alignment check.
  • Image with Copyrights, size should be  1200×628 pixels as fit properly.
  • We appreciate, if you check with the content on the Grammarly tool to avoid a grammatical error.
  • Before sending guest post, make sure the post should be related to the categories mentioned up here in our website home page.

Don’ts Points

  • Ensure don’t send the article or content which has been published somewhere else and check the with a plagiarism tool by utilizing the tool prior to sending the article to us.
  • Try not to send the article or content which is promoting an illicit item e.g drugs, pornography, alcohol, scam etc.
  • Try not to compose the article which doesn’t have the legitimate data and aimless content
  • Try not to send any articles which are connected with gambling, club and poker, and sexual contents.
  • Whatever article you wish like to shoot here, try to have appropriate title, headings, keywords, and pictures and most significant quality and unique contents which should be coherent to our audience.
  • When you meet every one of the prerequisites, then, at that point, you can share the article to underneath given mail address.


To Write for Us, you can email us or contact at [email protected]