2022 Top 7+ HR Trends in Technology

You want to know what new technologies are used in HR management in 2022, this article covers all that.

  1. Blockchain Integration
  2. Cloud-based HR software
  3. Analytical tools for people
  4. Recruiting with AI and Machine Learning
  5. Connected workplace platforms through the use of IoT
  6. HR decentralization is enabling the development of new managerial skills.
  7. Time tracking using biometrics


Top 7 HR Trends in Technology 2022

The listed below HR tech trends in 2022 are the latest tech tools to watch out for.

  1. Blockchain Integration

Hr tech trends in 2022

Business managers will face new issues when organizations embrace digital transformation, such as data security and access control.


To maintain data integrity and workplace openness, teams will investigate integrating HR tech trends such as blockchain solutions.


The following are the primary goals that blockchain integration will aid HR managers in achieving:


  • Standardization

It’s becoming more difficult to build a single data storage and sharing standard when new HR trends for the future join the market.

Employee data can be saved in a variety of forms and values depending on the toolset a team uses.

HR managers can design and share development strategies with software developers and peers using electronic distributed ledger technologies.

Blockchain will vastly increase talent department coordination, as well as deliver software programmers


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As a result of the development standards, the quality of HR organization systems has improved.

  • Trust

Blockchain ledgers are considered tamper-proof due to key-based access. Businesses can use the technology to ensure that only trustworthy people have access to sensitive information, screening out imposters or prospective attackers.


  • Security

Using the Blockchain to manage vast amounts of confidential data about the firm and its personnel gives a high level of security for HR team


2. Analytical tools for people

The disparity between the company’s aims and those of the team is one of the challenges that influences staff retention rates and overall project productivity. Businesses are unwittingly failing to provide talent with opportunities for growth and development, or they are focusing on the wrong areas.


People analytics software is the missing link between data and people, managers and employees in the workplace

They investigate, gather, process, and deduce trends from employee data using data science and artificial intelligence.

Here are some examples of how analytics tools can be used at various levels of human resource management


  • Training ‚ÄĒ identifying an employee’s chosen learning style and goals in order to motivate them to improve their skill set.


  • Employee engagement ‚Äď identifying the elements that contribute to swings in employee engagement and receiving tailored reports with pertinent team management advice.


  • Employability ‚Äď figuring out how to leverage the company’s existing staff instead of hiring new people.


  • People analytics solutions, in general, provide businesses with a broad picture of the state of the workplace.
Here are 5 HR tools to use for HR managemenr
  • Kissflow HR Cloud. Kissflow is an all-in-one HR Cloud that enables businesses to create, modify, and manage their HR processes in an efficient way
  • Zoho People
  • iCIMS Talent Acquisition
  • Breezy HR
  • ADP

   3. Cloud-based HR software

The use of cloud-based HR software is on the rise.

  1. Both individuals and employers benefit from cloud-based HR tools and software.
  2. The server can be accessed from anywhere in the world at the same time.


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Given the prevalence of work-from-home environments, this is an urgent requirement for 2022 HR trends in technology.

3.   It reduces the amount of time it takes to handle day-to-day chores and makes it easier to update any data in the system.


4. Recruiting with AI and Machine Learning

HR trends in technology

Every sector has been transformed by artificial intelligence, and the HR industry is no exception.

These tech tools, which implores the use of AI and machine learning is one of the HR trends in technology in 2022;


  • In the scanning of resumes and user data in order to target potential applicants from a seemingly endless pool of applications.


  • It lowers hiring prejudice and biases while increasing worker diversity.

With the help of one’s social media activity, it provides a unique insight into each of the applications.


    5.   Connected workplace platforms through the use of IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become an important future HR trends 2022 with respect to the workplace’s tech transformation.


  • Connected platforms in the workplace through the IoT has immensely improved HR technology trends by leading tech-driven people and managers use linked HR tech tools to track employee productivity and harness important health data to ensure that employees are not putting themselves at risk for workplace hazards.



  • Talent managers can promote a healthy lifestyle within the workforce and facilitate discussions with health insurance carriers using IoT-enabled activity trackers.



  • The Internet of Things provides a variety of training and education options, allowing employees to gain on-demand access to learning materials without disrupting their work.


      6.  Time tracking using biometrics


For effective workplace control, employee attendance management is critical.

However, most businesses still rely on antiquated methods to establish their employees’ working hours, such as spreadsheets and paper trails.

How can the Biometric tracking tools improve current HR trends in 2022?

Here are the ways it can impact technology in employment


  • Fingerprint scanners are simple to integrate with smartphones, and the technology can be used for remote workforce management.


  • Employee tracking will be aided by biometric scanners in the future.


  • Biometric tracking tools are also impenetrable to hackers and store data in secure vaults.


  • Biometric fingerprint readers decrease time theft by preventing buddies from entering in.


        7.    HR decentralization is enabling the development of new managerial skills.

HR tech trends..current hr trends in technology

HR technology trends and major focus areas such as flexibility, digitization, and hybrid work remain.

Companies will need to promote people with leadership and mentoring skills rather than selecting “task managers” for leadership positions.


HR managers should pay attention to the following HR trends in Technology in 2022;

  • Review key performance metrics for managerial evaluation, and encourage managers to focus on developing talents and skills rather than merely operational competency.


  • Reject the notion that managers should know everything.


  • Give managers the tools they need to succeed.


Summary- HR trends in Technology in 2022

The HR trends for the future with regards to technology cannot be overlooked as new tech trends for recruitment are emerging as the year run out.


Artificial Intelligence stands out among our list of 2022 future tech trends.


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