Anti Grazing Bill passed into law as burglar caught in Lagos


anti grazing bill

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  • Anti Grazing Bill passed into law by the Govt.

  • Burglar Caught in lagos

Having gone through both side effects and benefits of grazing, the Akwa Ibom state government   passed into law an anti-open grazing bill on the September the 15th of 2021 but promises to support citizens who are affected by this bill.

They believe anti grazing on our farmlands would improve living generally and would advance solid and agreeable living among ranchers and herders.

The bill was passed during a meeting managed by the speaker, Aniekan Bassey, after it scaled its third scrutinizing at the House.

The anti grazing bill has been passed off to the lead delegate for consent. It is indeed necessary for these herders to thoughtfully reconsider their trade as the said passed bill might affect them.

This followed the introduction of a report by Asuquo Udo, the director of the joint House advisory group on horticulture and normal assets, grounds, and lodging,

Subsequently, legislators during the meeting embraced the suggestions of the board.

The state Justice for Information has through a statement as reported to  aired his opinions on the situation on ground, he said that the bill passed before the House of Assembly was for the guideline of domesticated animals rearing and promotion in the state.

He said in opposition to the deception in general society, the state was not securing any land to set up farms.

Aniagwu expressed that farming like some other business should be provided with the needed enabling environment for its trade and subsequently anybody keen on setting up farms in any piece of the state was allowed to get land for the said reason as per important laws and not rely on open grazing of lands not originally owned by these herders for grazing of their animals.

He encouraged the Deltans and the overall population to dismiss the earlier speculations that the government was giving area of land to herders as an option in contrast to the prohibition on open grazing.

The Delta state government explains its situation on open grazing of farmlands and they, on Friday, September 10, clarified that it was not securing lands for herders as wrongly revealed in certain quarters.


  • Breaking News: Famous burglar Bashiru Muhammed imprisoned in Lagos

A burglar, Bashiru Muhammed, 28, has been sentenced to 17 months in prison term, News reports

Muhammed was seized and arrested by agents of the Lagos State Rapid Response Squad (RRS) towards the end of the week the Ojota expressway and was subsequently charged and arraigned and arraigned in court for hearing of his crime.

It was revealed that the Convict has no decent residential abode as he was captured when the RRS were on routine check in the area.

Muhammed and his gang of robbers were caught after they viciously looted and confiscated a person off his money, Infinix android Smartphone among a few other things .

The convict, of no decent place of residence was captured under passerby connect by the RRS group on routine observation watch, after his pack of robbers were apprehended-News report.

He was arraigned at Lagos Sate Mobile Court where Justice Sakirat Obasa condemned him to 17 months in Jail on two count charges of ‘Taking‘ and ‘Direct prone to cause break of public harmony’ culpable under Section 287 of the Criminal Laws of Lagos State 2015.

Reports have been coming in on the practices of traffic burglars along  the roads of Ojota, Maryland, Ketu, Mile 12 and other dark spot regions of the State.

Let’s all try to be cautious of our surroundings in order not to fall victim of these robbers.


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