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Kuromamecha (roasted black soybean tea) is a nutty, sweet black soybean tea. The beans can be left whole or crushed into a powder for tea after roasting.

After brewing, Yui Kuromamecha is left in bean form, allowing you to eat the wonderful beans for added fiber.

Kuromamecha comes from Hokkaido, a prefecture noted for its excellent farming practices.

The flavor, aroma, and quality of these round black soybeans are enhanced by the rich soil.

Kyushu’s southwest region is also known for growing high-quality black soybeans.

The southwest region of Kyushu is also famous for producing quality black soybeans.

In Japan, Kuromamecha is a particularly popular herbal tea due to its health benefits and versatility.


Read on to learn about how incorporating this herbal tea into your diet can be beneficial to your health.


senbird organic kuormamecha kuromame cha black soybean tea pods

1. Anti-Aging

Black soybeans include an antioxidant called anthocyanin, which is similar to the black pigmentation found in the skin of blueberries and eggplants, two other foods high in vitamins and nutrients.


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Aside from pigmentation, this antioxidant is known to enhance blood pressure, blood flow, and prevent the body from losing collagen, all of which help to combat the effects of aging.


2. Preventing Disease

Drinking Kuromamecha black soybean tea has similar health benefits to sobacha buckwheat tea.

It does more than just keep you looking and feeling young.

Anthocyanin is also an anti-inflammatory antioxidant that protects the body from carcinogens.

In addition to pigmentation, this antioxidant is thought to improve blood pressure, blood flow and prevents the loss of collagen in the body, all of which contribute to fighting the signs of aging.


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By regulating blood sugar levels, lowering cholesterol, and lowering the risk of arteriosclerosis, drinking this tea will help you avoid diabetes and other heart illnesses (hardening of the arteries).


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3. Loss of weight

Kuromamecha has compounds that help your body’s lipid metabolism, such as isoflavones and saponin.


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Improving metabolism, like green tea, reduces fat absorption while increasing fat burning rate.

Furthermore, black soybeans are legumes, which have a high fiber content and help to control digestion and blood sugar levels.

Consider eating the softened beans after they’ve been brewed to increase to your daily fiber intake!


senbird organic kuormamecha kuromame cha black soybean tea brewed in cup

4. Caffeine-Free

Kuromamecha is a herbal tea, unlike Japanese green teas like Sencha or Msrc, which contain caffeine.

Kuromamecha could be the perfect non-caffeinated alternative for you if you adore coffee but are sensitive to caffeine.

It has an earthy, nutty flavor that is both refreshing and caffeine-free.

Herbal teas are perfect for individuals who want to enjoy a cup of tea in the evening without worrying about caffeine delaying or disrupting their sleep.

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woman relaxing and enjoying a cup of kuromame black soybean hot tea

5. Hormone Regulator

Drinking Kuromame black soybean tea offers an extra benefit for women. Isoflavones, which aid in weight loss, can also act as hormonal stabilizers.

They aid with hormonal abnormalities including menopause and PMS by acting similarly to estrogen in the body.

Hormone management also results in skin that is healthy and clear.

Although Kuromamecha is well-known in Japan, it is less well-known in other countries.

After learning about the great health advantages of this unique and healthy herbal black soybean tea, we hope you would consider trying it!


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