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Susie Cakes Menu and Prices 2022

Susie Cakes Menu Prices

What you will Find..

Susie Cakes Menu and Prices 2022

Susie Cakes Menu & Prices


SusieCakes offers a variety of delicious cakes, including Chocolate Cake. Cupcakes, pies, and cookies of all shapes, sizes, and flavors are also available, all created with love and dedication.

Overview of Susie’s cakes menu

SusieCakes is a well-known American bakery that specializes in traditional desserts such as cupcakes, cakes, puddings, cookies, and pies.

Susie Cakes menu and prices 2022 stands out from the rest of the bakeries since all of their desserts are produced totally from scratch with basic, natural ingredients.

SusieCakes’ pastry bakers don’t use any store-bought mixes or artificial preservatives, just like our grandmothers, making it the ideal spot for visitors seeking delicious, emotional sweets and a friendly, old-fashioned neighborhood experience.


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If you enjoy cake and believe that it should not be limited to special occasions, a slice of cake from SusieCakes will instantly add a touch of joy to your everyday life.

Susie’s famed Southern Red Velvet Cake or the ever-popular Old-Fashioned 6-Layer Chocolate Cake are two of everyone’s favorites.

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Would you want to see the rest of Susie Cakes’ menu? We’ve got it right here, along with the most recent prices.

Susie’s Signature Cupcakes | Miniature Cupcakes | Pies & Cheesecakes | Specialty Layer Cakes | Cookies & Bars | Gifts | Beverages | Game Day Sunday Specials

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How many people does a Susie cake serve?

 The Susie cake which is 6″ in size serve about 6-12 guests.

Can you freeze Susie Cakes?

Yes, Susie Cakes can be frozen.

How to freeze susie cakes?

To freeze, wrap your cake in a trash bag and leave it wrapped in the Susie G’s box. Place the bag in the freezer after taping it shut.

To thaw, take your cake out of the freezer one day ahead of time and leave it in the refrigerator overnight (keep it wrapped).

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