Buy and Sell On Facebook Marketplace: Items For Sale on Facebook Marketplace – Icon Missing?

Facebook Marketplace: A Place for Convenient Online Buying and Selling – Facebook Marketplace is an innovative feature that enables Facebook users to buy and sell products and services conveniently online. It is a section on the Facebook site that creates an opportunity for millions of people to engage in trade with one another. The Facebook marketplace allows the buying and selling of different categories of products such as clothing and accessories, home sales, garden tools, properties to rent, electronics, hobbies, and classifieds, among others.

Presently, Facebook has over a billion users, and the Facebook marketplace is becoming a popular hub for online shopping and selling. The feature is available in 85 countries, including the USA. To use this marketplace, one has to join the Facebook Marketplace Community, which includes millions of people already trading on the platform.

To access the Facebook Marketplace, users can do so through the Facebook app on Android or iOS devices and on the Facebook website on a computer. Android users can access the marketplace by tapping on the Shop icon at the top of the Facebook homepage, while iOS users can tap on the menu button and select Marketplace. On the other hand, computer users can access the marketplace by tapping on Marketplace on the left side of the Facebook homepage.

Sellers on the Facebook Marketplace can stay from the comfort of their homes and sell their products online to millions of people without the need for a physical shop. The platform is arranged in a way that only buyers and sellers who stay near one another can transact, ensuring the safety of the trade. To locate the Facebook Marketplace, sellers must detail the items they sell so buyers around them can locate them quickly.

Buying and Selling on the Facebook Marketplace

To sell on the Facebook Marketplace, click on the “Sell Something” button, and select “Item for Sale.” Next, input all the required details of the product and place it under a category. Buyers can quickly find items for sale by clicking on the Shopfront Icon on their Newsfeed, and if they show interest in an item, the seller is quickly notified. The rest of the transaction is between the buyer and the seller.

Sometimes, the Facebook Marketplace icon might not be visible on a user’s Facebook page. This could be due to several reasons, such as location restrictions, age restrictions, or if a user is violating Facebook’s commerce policies. However, if the marketplace is available in a user’s location, they can access it using the steps provided above.


In conclusion, the Facebook Marketplace is an excellent feature for anyone looking to sell or buy products and services online conveniently. The platform has a wide variety of products available for sale, and the process of buying and selling is easy and safe. As a seller, it is essential to detail the items for sale so buyers can locate them quickly. Similarly, as a buyer, one can quickly locate items for sale by clicking on the Shopfront Icon on their Newsfeed.

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