Cassano’s Menu and Prices 2023 |updated|


Cassano’s Menu and Prices 2023

This article features all you need to know about the Cassano’s pizza, the cassano’s menu with prices 2022 and the updated cassano’s menu.


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Cassano's menu and prices 2022

Cassano’s is a pizzeria chain based in Ohio, famous for serving delicious pizzas, subs, and pasta.


History of Cassano’s


Since its inception in 1953, the franchise has swiftly become a local favorite thanks to its distinctively thin-crust, crispy, and salty pizzas.

Pizza at Cassano’s is frequently cut into little rectangular slices rather than wedges, another distinguishing feature of the well-known company.


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Overview of Cassano’s menu with prices 2023 |updated|


Speaking of pizza, there are plenty of alternatives on Cassano’s menu!

The Spicy BBQ Chicken Pizza, the Hog Wild Pizza (for jalapeo fans), and the Big 60 Pizza with double cheese and 60 pepperonis are some of the most popular pizzas!

Another well-liked factor that makes Cassano’s a popular eatery is its subs.

You name it, they have it: meatballs, vegetables, Italian food, and barbecue chicken.

There are also calzones and Cassini on the menu, providing an array of flavors. Additionally offered are Italian-inspired salads and starters.

Last but not least, we strongly urge you to try the cassano Pizza Pasta or the classic Spaghetti with Meatballs.

The whole Cassano menu prices is available here, along with the most recent prices.

Cassano’s Menu and Prices 2023

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