Causes of Lump in Breast-Types and Treatment

  • HCauses of Lump in breast

  • How common are these lumps?

  • Treatment of  breast lumps?

  • What are cysts?

  • Benign breast lump removal surgery

  • Breast cancer symptoms

  • benign fibroadenoma

Breast lumps are abnormal growth in the breast that can affect the health of the female gender.

How Common are lumps in the Breast?

Lumps in the breast are very common, they occur in young women as they go through puberty. They also occur in women even as they grow up to their eighties.

What are the different types of Lumps and who is at greatest risk?

We become more concern about lumps in the breast in women after menopause because we don’t have the normal changes that will be typically causing benign lumps but in younger women most of us lumps are benign lumps and there is a very common lump called fibroadenoma that occur in younger women when they are in their teens to early twenties and there are very benign processes that don’t require treatment at all.

Lumps that occur in women as they get older are lumps can be suspicious and cancerous and they are those we are worried about to evaluate and treat

Should we worry about lumps or breast cancer that have a family history?

Lumps that occur in women that have a family history of breast cancer or a family history of benign processes are usually related to those processes that occur in the same family but not always.

So, many women who go for treatment in top hospitals come in and say oh my mother had it! But we still want to make sure that that is what it is and make sure that it is the process that we think it is before undergoing treatment for them.

What are the Causes of breast lumps?

There are varieties of causes of breast lumps probably the most common in women around their thirties to fifties are cyst breast disease.

Fibrocystic breast disease is normal and many people say we shouldn’t term it a disease in color change at all because many women have it and it really is just the part of the breast forms cyst and a part of the breast are a little denser tissue and that makes it feel like a lump and it doesn’t compare to the other areas.

Those are benign and we do not generally worry about them we just reassure people. There are also generally so what painful and some discomfort associated with them particularly but it is no something you should be concerned about.

Other causes in younger women are fibroadenoma which are benign processes, it is just an overgrowth of the supportive tissues in the breast not the part that makes the milk but the part that support the part that makes the milk.

And an overgrowth of these cells can result in these lumps that occur in young women. In older women, we generally worry that there could be a cancer there because it is beyond menopause and those are the ones that we are a little worried about.

What should I do if I detect a breast lump?

So, all lumps in the breast need to be evaluated by one of your physicians, if it is a lump that has been there and since it gets bigger and smaller, it gets smaller over time, you should probably wait for at least a menstural cycle and see what happens to the lump.

If it is someone who has a lot of breasts cyst, we feel like there is a lot of other cysts, then wait a cycle to see if the changes that can go away are reasonable and not seeking care for it. If it is something that persists or something that feels very firm, then it is something that should be evaluated.

By persist, we mean if it lasts more than six weeks or so or if it gets progressively larger and doesn’t larger and smaller with menstural cycles.

causes of lump in breast

In women after menopause, any lump that develop should be evaluated by a physician either your primary care physician first or a breast specialist, that is someone who takes care of breast diseases.

How are lumps initially evaluated?

All patients with lumps in the breast should get an ultra-sound but if you are before the age of mammography, then you should just do the ultra sound.

Breast cancer symptoms

  • New lump in the breast or underarm (armpit).
  • Thickening or swelling of part of the breast.
  • Irritation or dimpling of breast skin.
  • Redness or flaky skin in the nipple area or the breast.
  • Pulling in of the nipple or pain in the nipple area.
  • Nipple discharge other than breast milk, including blood.
  • Any change in the size or the shape of the breast.
  • Pain in any area of the breast.

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So, if you are before the age of thirty, the first thing you should do is ultra sound and not nomography.

How are breast lumps treated?

The treatment of breast lumps depends on what the breast specialist or physician think it is. If it is something that is just a simple six, it should just be watched with ultra sound or just watch by physical examination or it can be aspirated that is a small needle is sticked into the breast and draw the lump, it’s just like when we dry blood because the cyst are usually bigger than a vein so we just have to stick a needle in it just like you are drying blood.

So, cysts are pretty easier to treat than the offers, you just aspirate them if they are painful and causing symptoms but if they are not painful at all, you can just leave them alone and watch them.

fibroadenoma are the lumps that can occur in young women, these if they are small can be watched, they can be multiples, some women have four or five of them.

If they are in general with fibroadenoma, if they are getting bigger you should be concerned about it but if the stay the same size, you should just leave them and just watch.

  • How to cure breast lump without surgery

The criteria for doing surgery on them is if the lump is bigger than 3cm in size, if it is painful or it is getting larger or if the person just doesn’t like having a lump there, then it can be removed by surgery.

Those are usually removed through incisions that are relatively small and placed in locations that can be a little more hidden in an effort to reduce the changes that occur in the young woman’s breast.

Other lumps like lumps that can be cancerous, a needle biopsy could be carried out to determine what it is and once those results are known, then what to do to get it treated will be determined.


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