How much is Cici Buffet- Cici’s Pizza Menu with Prices

  • What are Cici’s Pizza Menu with Prices

About Cici’s Pizza Buffet

CiCi’s Pizza is an American smorgasbord cafΓ© network situated in Texas. Joe Croce and Mike Cole established it in 1985 at Plato, Texas. Furthermore beginning around 1985, CiCi’s Pizza has figured out how to open in excess of 600 stores in various parts of America.

how much is cici buffet menu-Cici's Pizza Menu with Prices

As you might have known from the name that the brand is well versed in making pizzas.

Aside from pizzas, CiCi’s Pizza has likewise made a name by expanding their buffet offering in a very affordable price range.

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Cost of cici’s buffet

As you might have known from the name, I will let you know the CiCi’s Pizza menu and the cost of cici’s buffet in this article. Aside from the menu, I will let you know the contact and diversifying facts about CiCi’s Pizza.

CiCi’s Pizza has in excess of 600 cafΓ©s in 35 states of America.

How much is Cici Buffet- Cici’s Pizza Menu with Prices

The Prices of the Cici’s buffet goes for as low as $4.99, You can get a decent meal here for around $10

Cici Buffet Desserts Prices

Cinnamon Rolls $4.99
Brownies $4.99
Apple Pizza $4.99
Bavarian Pizza $4.99

Prices for Drinks

Kids (Ages 10 and Under Only) $1.39
Regular $1.99
Large $2.29

What are Cici’s Pizza Menu with Prices

1 Topping Pizza Medium $5.49
1 Topping Pizza Large $6.49
Add Extra Topping Medium $1.09
Add Extra Topping Large $1.09
Extra Cheese Medium $1.09
Extra Cheese Large $1.09


CiCi’s Pizza buffet prices (Traditional Crust)

Cheese – Traditional Medium $5.49
Cheese – Traditional Large $6.49
Pepperoni – Traditional Medium $5.49
Pepperoni – Traditional Large $6.49
Meat Eater – Traditional Medium $8.49
Meat Eater – Traditional Large $9.49
Supreme – Traditional Medium $8.99
Supreme – Traditional Large $9.99
Hawaiian – Traditional Medium $6.58
Hawaiian – Traditional Large $7.58
Spinach Alfredo – Traditional Medium $5.49
Spinach Alfredo – Traditional Large $6.49
Buffalo Chicken – Traditional Medium $5.49
Buffalo Chicken – Traditional Large $6.49
BBQ Pork – Traditional Medium $5.49
BBQ Pork – Traditional Large $6.49
Mac & Cheese – Traditional Medium $5.49
Mac & Cheese – Traditional Large $6.49
Alfredo – Traditional Medium $5.49
Alfredo – Traditional Large $6.49
Veggie – Traditional Medium $6.99
Veggie – Traditional Large $7.99


CiCi’s Pizza menu (Deep Dish) Prices

Cheese – Deep Dish $7.99
Pepperoni – Deep Dish $7.99
Meat Eater – Deep Dish $9.99


CiCi’s Pizza buffet (Stuffed Crust) Prices

Cheese – Stuffed Crust $7.99
Pepperoni – Stuffed Crust $7.99

Cici Pizza Menu with Prices

Adult $5.99
Kids Combo (Includes Kids Drink, Ages 4-10) $4.49
Kids 3 & Under $1.39

Wings Updated Prices

Wings 5 Pc. $4.49
Wings 10 Pc. $8.49
Wings 20 Pc. $15.99


Cheese Bread $4.99
Ranch Dressing $0.35


Conclusion- How much is the cici’s pizza buffet

CiCi’s Pizza menu pricesΒ is known for its wide assortment of Pizza. The fixings utilized in their Pizza mostly comprise of meats, new and cooked vegetables, and spices to the idiosyncratic chocolates, marshmallows, and tofu, among others.

Using all these ingredients, you can have a buffet having your customized Pizza at an affordable price. You can get a decent meal here for around $10. So let’s check out the CiCi’s menu that I’ve been talking about.

There you have it…cost of cici’s pizza menu with prices buffet detailed.



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