Facebook Marketplace Buy and Sell Near Me

As a seller and Facebook user, you must have heard of the Facebook Marketplace, a platform where most marketers sell their goods and services online to the people in their own locality.

There are many reasons why you should sell on Facebook Marketplace, one of such reasons is that selling on Facebook Marketplace will avail you the opportunity of reaching thousands of Facebook users in your locality.

Another reason why you might want to consider selling on the Facebook Marketplace is that unlike many other online buy and sell platforms, Facebook Marketplace is completely free.

Having said this much, I want to believe you now see reasons why you should begin to list your products on the Facebook Marketplace as a seller if you have not been doing so.

As a seller on Marketplace Facebook, you are expected to list all the items you sell so that people in your locality can see them and contact you for subsequent purchases.

One beautiful thing about this process is that you do not need to stress yourself about selling. Once your item is listed and someone declares interest in any of your listed items, you will be notified by Facebook. You can then make an arrangement with the buyer on how to meet and the rest.

That being said, If you are wondering how to go about all these, then you have no more worries, as I will quickly show you how to locate the Marketplace on Facebook, how to sell and buy on the Facebook Marketplace.

How To Locate Marketplace on Facebook

To locate the Marketplace on Facebook, follow the process below.

1. Log in to your Facebook Account using your Facebook app.

2. Next, tap on the Shopfront Icon located on your Facebook Newsfeed. That is the Facebook Marketplace I am telling you about.

How to Buy on Marketplace Facebook

If you are a buyer who wants to buy on the Facebook Marketplace, follow the process below.

  • Login to Facebook via your Facebook Mobile App
  • open the Facebook Marketplace
  • Next, choose the item you wish to buy.
  • Click “MESSAGE”
  • Send the seller a message for purchase

How to Sell on Marketplace Facebook

If you want to sell on the Marketplace, follow the procedure below to begin.

  • First login to your Facebook account and access the Marketplace.
  • Next, click the “Sell Something” button.
  • After that, click “Item for Sale.”
  • Lastly, input all the required details of the product and place it under a category.

If you encounter any issue while trying to buy or sell via the Marketplace Facebook App, don’t fail to let us know using the comment box below. We’ll be happy to help.

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