How to download CBN eNaira app on various websites

Recall that on Monday, the 25th of October, 2021, the Central Bank of Nigeria Launched its first digital currency and Nigeria remains the only country in the whole of Africa that have launched her Central bank digital currency known as the digital currency.

Questions have been raised on when the enaira app will be launched?

After, several postpostment, the eNaira was launched, however, specialists and digital currency users in the west Africa Nation are of the opinion that there are unanswered questions as regards the use and functionality of the eNaira as they doubt it will survive the test of time and this implies that the Central Bank and the Federal government faces a challenge to make the eNaira a triumph.

enaira app

Reports had it that a total amount of 200 million worth of eNaira, which is equivalent to the naira currency has been issued to financial institutions to help grow the economy of the nation and even increase the tax base of the country.

We do hope the eNaira becomes a success.

According to the Central bank governor, Godwin Emefiele, said during Monday’s launch dispatch that there had been massive turnup and positive reactions towards the launch as over 35 banks and 2,000 clients had as of now enlisted effectively with the eNaira platform.

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How to Download the eNaira App

There are several steps required for the successful download of the eNaira

It is no longer news that several banks and financial institutions have already enlisted with the eNaira Platform.

The mobile app which uses an internet connection to connect with your local bank which enables you transact across different banking plaforms can now be downloaded and installed on Apple for iOs users and Google Playstore for Android users. is listing the step by step approach in launching the app on your phone

  1. Go to any of the stores Apple or Playstore and download the eNaira app
  2. After successful download of the app, you will be asked to “signup” to process your application.
  3. A ” Select Your Bank” menu pops up, then choose your bank name
  4. Create Account Page opens up for you to input your phone number and your paasword
  5. When this is done, the next page will require you to fill your details as follows
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • State of Origin
  • Account Number

Then click on “Continue” 

A wallet activation mail is sent to the email address linked to your BVN.

Wait for 30 minutes for the system to open up your portal


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6.On the mail sent to you, Click on email, click on Activate Wallet to confirm your email and activate your eNaira Speed Wallet.

7. Login to your account using your username(email address linked to your BVN) and the Password you created during the sign up to access your eNaira Speed Wallet.

8. Then you can fund your eNaira speed wallet for transactions and you are good to go.

CBN eNaira Website Address is the official website address of the platform, so it is of your best interest to disregard any other site url acting as the eNaira official site address as they are only impersonating the eNaira platform and do not fall victim of them.

Advantages of the eNaira

  1. Further developed adequacy of financial strategies.
  2. Quick, modest, solid and accessible installment channel.
  3. Consideration of barred individuals in the monetary framework.
  4. Worked on financial exercises.
  5. Rearranged and simple cross boundary installments and exchange.
  6. Backing advanced economy.

Is eNaira Safe?

Yes,the eNaira is safe, easy to use and efficient in carrying out financial transactions.

Cyptographic measures have been taken to make the platform safier to use and it is highly encrypted from all forms of cyber crime.

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