How to get my Video on youtube front page

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  • How to get my Video on youtube front page?

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  • Why is SEO so important?

  • What are Long-tail keywords?

Do you have a youtube Channel and you are wondering why your YouTube videos aren’t hitting youtube’s front page?

Are you tired of not getting the subscribers to your channel, and your channel isn’t growing as you desired it to be, then follow this post till the very end?

You have set big goals for your channel and have created amazing videos and you are wondering why these videos that you spent time creating aren’t appearing on Youtube search, worry no more as you will be getting free tips that will skyrocket your videos and channel to the right page where it really is to be.

How to get my Video on youtube front page

It all comes down to youtube SEO. You might be wondering what youtube SEO is, SEO is simply a mnemonic for Search Engine optimization and this is the technique all great youtubers use to get their contents on Youtube’s front page.

And a lot of people think of it in relation to Google, Yes Google is the biggest search engine out there. People go the google to find answers to their questions and just like Google, Youtube has an algorithm that they run on all of their contents and determine which of the best contents to recommend to their users.

Here is what it all boils down to, Youtube is trying to make money and that is it. In the business world, everyone is just trying to make money and they longer time someone stays on youtube seeing more videos, viewing more ads, youtube is making money.

Here, we are going to come up with the best videos SEO strategies that someone might want to see and stay on them the longest time so that Youtube and you the content creator can make money.

Also, how do you work with the algorithm, work with Youtube and your videos starts appearing on Youtube top Search results and I am going to be sharing some simple tips for you guys to work on, and incorporate on all of your videos so that you too can make money.

The first thing that we will want to state is;


Anything in relation to SEO all comes down to keywords. The placement of your keywords on your video title and so on.

Now, before you determine what keywords you want to rank for and the best keywords that are less competitive with more volume and at the same time more likely to gain Youtube’s recommendation for Front page, that is where Keywords research comes into play.

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There is a basic way to form keyword research on youtube, just go to youtube and search for keywords you think you want rank to for and anything within your niche that you think is relevant and a drop-down menu will appear with other relevant keywords or searches that people are actually going to search on the youtube search engine platform.

If you really want to get to the more advanced form of keyword search, then you really need to get Tubebuddy to your browser. I love it and I really recommend you use it too for your keyword research.

I am actually going to show you how to use Tubebuddy for your video keyword research.

Go to Tubebuddy and type in your keyword and just like youtube search will show you all the related keywords to your video, not only will it do that, it will also show you the search volume generated, keyword difficulty and keyword score and it is going to compare the number of searches to that all of related keywords.

The green colour that surrounds a keyword score indicates that the keywords are likely to gain recognition on youtube search results top page, a yellow color shows that the keyword is good but stands a half chance of reaching the front page whereas a red color tells you that that video is not going to rank at all.

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So, this site gives you a total clue of what your keywords are going to rank for and the competition involved and you are going to want to find the required keywords to include in your video.

Other more established channels are going to rank for that keyword because they are highly trusted by youtube, so to beat them to that, you need to get better and high-ranking keywords.

I did advise you go for Long-tail Keywords. Long-tail Keywords are keywords that contain two or more words.

For example, if you use a keyword that is one worded, e.g., Money, you are not going to rank for it because, it is highly competitive and you are not going to ever get your video on search results for that keyword, but if you input a Long-tail keyword, say, how to make Money In 2021? you are likely to get people to search on this keyword and youtube places your video with this particular keyword on front page because it is related to what people are searching for.

As a beginner on youtube, I recommend you use Long-tail keywords, so the more words you add in your keyword phrase, the better your chances of getting your video on Youtube’s front page.

Once you have the list of keywords you want to rank for and then a thought pops in your mind making you wonder what to do with those keywords, that is where your video optimization comes into effect.

So, before you start brain storming your video ideas, I am sure you already have good video contents at your fingertips but I’d advise you do keyword research first and find the top-ranking keywords with less competition before creating your Youtube video.

You will include those keywords in your contents because youtube actually connects what you are saying in your video, of course, they must be included in your title, your description and your tags and you want to make sure your keywords are appearing in what you or your video say and include them in your video.

And if you have been ignoring tags and you probably have no idea what tags are, they are what you include in your video to tell youtube about your video. The important of tags cannot be underestimated. Tags are really relevant in SEO.

When you are done including your title, the description about your video, you can also use Tubebuddy to check for ranking tags to include in your tags section.

Tubebuddy gives you few suggested tags that they think will be useful to include in your video tags.

You can even try to play smart by going to other people’s videos and see what tags they are using on their videos and incorporate them in your video.

That way, you will rank with these tags.

Youtube gives you the as much as five hundred characters to include in your tags section, so you can choose to include as many tags as possible but don’t overuse them as you might get banned if your tags aren’t related to what your video is saying.

Beyond these strategies explained above, there are other key strategies to include in your videos that can encourage youtube to promote your content faster.


The more you constantly and consistently upload to Youtube, the more you are likely to earn their trust.

You can go from uploading one video per week to uploading one per day, that way, your video will get more reviews by the Youtube team and you refresh your viewers will newly contents and unsurprisingly get the recommendation your channel deserves.

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The more quality and unique contents you upload on your channel, the more likely it is for them to push these contents further the pecking order up to Front page.


Be niche specific, don’t go about creating contents across different unrelated niches or topics that don’t give your viewers an idea of what your channel is centered about.

Be a master of a particular niche, build on it so that when people search on it, your channel will pop up among other search engine results and through this strategy you can watch your channel grow.


Engage with your audience by asking them to subscribe, like and comment on you video and by doing that you are interacting with them and Youtube is going to look at your channel and recommend your video for audience viewing.

If you do not have any thumbs up, any likes, views and comments, you are highly on the losing side.

Please do note that Youtube favors a channel with all these criteria over yours that has one million views with fewer likes and engagements.


The longer people stay on your video watching them the better your chances of gaining recognition by Youtube.

Take for instance, you post a 10-minute video and your viewers are averagely spending less than a minute watching your videos, you will most likely not get the recommendation you feel it deserves.

And a great way to start off is by first watching your video in full, comment and like them to encourage people to like them and leave a comment in the comment section. This technique really helps.

So, it all boils down to creating quality contents as it gives the viewers a run for their data.


Summary- How to get my Video on youtube front page

YouTube will be happy when you gain their recognition. You achieve this by performing your Keyword research, add catchy thumbnails and tags, engaging your audience etc.

One more top secret to growing your channel and getting views is by adding video cards and incorporating your other videos on each and every one of them, by doing this, you are letting your viewers to be aware that there are other videos on your channel you want them to see.

You can do this by creating a youtube studio account and you will find all what you need to add to your videos to make them appear on search engine results.


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