How to remove my bvn from loan apps


How to remove my bvn from loan apps


Nigerian Online loan apps have done a lot of damage than good.

Oftentimes, we come across folks who ask, How to block loan apps from accessing their contacts, How to remove their bvn from these respective fake loan apps from Blacklisting their contacts.

Truth be told, Financial needs have been solved when these borrowers borrow money from these loan apps fund your account with some cash.

The interest attached to these loans have been somewhat alarmingly on the high side and defaulters are often threatened to pay up at all costs.

Some of these customer agents go as far as calling your names that disvalues your person as an individual as oftentimes, I begin to wonder if these agents aren’t the ones that come begging you to take loans from them.

Removing your bvn from your registered accounts on these loan apps have somewhat posed a problem.

After the submission of your bio-datas and credentials to these fake loan apps, your personal, employment, address of residence, place of work details and other financial histories are stored in their database and these details of yours have become quite worrisome for users of these apps after having a bad ordeal with them

How to remove my bvn from loan Apps

In this article, I am going to be showing you how to remove your bvn from loan apps successfully.

Here are the steps I took to successfully remove my bvn from these fraudulent online loan app.

After trying unsuccessfully to remove your bvn and other details from these lending apps.


Try these simple methods

  1. Delete your account

There should be a section in your profile page of your mobile loan app that enables you remove your bvn from these loan apps



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         2.  Contact their customer support


I once contacted the customer support system of a particular loan app to cancel your loan which was in review i.e ready to be disbursed to my bank account and they promptly did just that.

My saving grace that day was that, I applied on a sunday and as usual most loan apps tend to be off duty on weekends.

How to stop loan app from sending messages to my contacts

Online loan apps gain access to your contacts when you grant them access to read them.

These loan apps access your phone contacts at the initial stage of your application.

These are the first steps you do begin you gain access to apply for a loan.


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To stop a loan app from sending messages to your contacts, don’t give them access, don’t agree to allow them read your contacts.

And if they do, just follow these below steps


  1. Go to your Settings on your Android or IOS device

How to remove your bvn from blacklist in nigeria


   2. Navigate to the Apps Manager

How To remove my bvn from loan apps


3. Click on Apps permission

How to unblock my bvn


4. Select the loan app in question

How to stop loan app from sending messages to my contacts

  1. Now, begin to deny or allow them access


How to remove your bvn from blacklist in nigeria

Contact your bank to remove your bvn from blacklist.

Blacklisting of bvn can only be done when you are heavily indebted to commercial banks or any form of financial institution.

And blacklisting can only be done carries out by the Central bank.

However, you cannot unblock your bvn if it is blacklisted or you are added to the blacklist of defaulters.

  • Contact your bvn to rectify this issue

There you have it, simple steps on “how to remove bvn from loan apps.


What to do if someone has your bvn

If someone has your bvn, just ensure you don’t give him your ATM 16-digit card number and your ATM pin.

That way, you are 75% safe from receiving incessant debit alerts on your account


What happens to my bvn if i close my bank account

If you close your bank account, your bvn still remains intact even when you open a new bank account.

Do note that your bvn is your financial bio-data and details that carries your financial and personal information.

Nothentheless, you can be blacklisted by the credit bureau or the bvn when you perform fraudulent transactions on your bank account.


That is what happens to my bvn if i close my bank account by choice


How to unblock my bvn

You can not unblock your bvn by yourself if it is blocked or blacklisted.

The only option you have is to contact or visit the bank you opened or registered your bvn.


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