How to Search and Find Items to Buy or Sell on Facebook Marketplace

How to Make the Most Out of Facebook Marketplace – Online marketplaces provide incredible opportunities for those seeking to buy or sell items with great pricing. With the Internet effortlessly connecting people from all over and the increasing popularity of online purchasing, online marketplaces are now considered a fantastic alternative to conventional bazaars and markets. While there are numerous online marketplaces available today, did you know that as a Facebook user, you have access to a massive marketplace without the need to search the Internet or download a new app? Yes, it’s called Facebook Marketplace, and if you know how to search and find the best deals, you could score some valuable purchases within a 20-kilometer radius of your house. Here’s everything you need to know about Facebook Marketplace and how to leverage its power to make a great deal.

Understanding Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace was launched in 2016 to offer Facebook users opportunities not just to buy and sell things on the Facebook network but also to search for specific products on the site. Since then, it has become a bustling marketplace with nearly a third of Facebook users in the US alone, searching for new and used products, services, and even homes for sale through it.

Searching for Products on Facebook Marketplace

There are three different ways to look for products on Facebook Marketplace:

Today’s Picks

Facebook lists today’s picks that are within your area on the marketplace page. These are popular, trendy, sponsored, or based on Facebook’s thoughts. It indicates your town’s location and the distance of the kilometer listed. From your location, you can adjust the radius from 1 km to 200 km, with higher radius leading to more results. However, some products may not be worth your while driving 200 kilometers, so it may be better to limit yourself to the immediate vicinity.

Search by Category

If you’re using a desktop or laptop, you can find the categories on the page. For mobile users, tap the magnifying glass symbol, and a list of categories will appear. There’s a separate page for cars, rental groups, and buying and selling groups. Just select the category to navigate through, and if you’re looking for buying and selling groups, tap the Buy & Sell Group option. You can then see all the lists of the groups that you’re already following.

Search for an Item

If you’re looking for something specific, just click on the search bar for desktop and laptop users, or the loupe glass for mobile users, enter your search query, and hit enter.

Finding Free Items

If you’re searching for free items, filter your search to “Display Free Lists Only” to find them. But be sure to check the list first and see if it’s genuinely free, as some sellers may wrap their products and only reveal a price for them later. Also, consider joining groups such as “Buy Nothing” in your locality. These are generous organizations that give away things that they don’t need to anyone in their neighborhood.

Wary of Expensive Items

If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Do your research, especially when purchasing things such as cars or houses. For cars, never pay for a car you haven’t seen in person, and always ask the seller if they have followed the maintenance schedule and if there are any car problems. Ask to go on a test drive or enlist the help of someone who knows their automobiles. Also, plan a tour of the property before committing to it or hire a property inspector to evaluate the residence and its value.

Proper Searching

When searching for a particular item, make sure to use the same terms used in the marketplace. A more generic term will yield more search results than a specified one. For example, instead of typing “smartphone 10″ or “smartphone 128Gb used”, search for “smartphone” or “mobile phone.”

Negotiating A Price

You can haggle with sellers on Facebook Marketplace, unlike on other online marketplaces such as Amazon or Etsy. If you’re convincing enough, you could negotiate with some sellers, even if they are strong on their prices. You’re more likely to get a deal if you purchase in bulk, offer to pick up the item, or you’re the only buyer the seller has heard from.

Facebook Marketplace is an excellent place to find unique items, and if you know the ins and outs of it, you can score some fantastic deals. Do your research, be wary of frauds, and start discovering items that you never knew you needed in your life!



How many Facebook users in the US search for new and used products, services, and homes for sale through Facebook Marketplace?

Nearly a third of Facebook users in the US search for new and used products, services, and even homes for sale via Facebook Marketplace every day.

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