How to Sign up on Facebook

How to sign up on Facebook – Facebook is the most popular social media application all over the world. Since the inception of Facebook in February 2004, it has experienced a vast growth. The growth ranges from 450 visitors and 22,000 picture views to 2.934 users all over the world. You don’t need to pay money to have a Facebook account, it is free for everyone around the world.

all you need is a good internet and a smart phone. So in this article we are going to build and show you on the steps you need to create a Facebook account.

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Facebook is known for connecting friends, loved ones and family members. Once you create an account, you will be able to go through the news feeds of your friends and loves ones. This can be achieve by typing there names. You can also share pictures, videos and also chat while you are online.

In 2011 Facebook created the first video and audio which was later called MESSENGER. Messenger is a Facebook free mobile service for free video calls and audio calls. The growth of facebook application has been a success since its inception. Different features are being introduced daily, like buying and selling, emojis, likes, filters. So if you are ready to create a Facebook account let us guide you through the steps you need to create one.

These are the steps you need to sign up on Facebook.

Step One. Download Facebook from Google play store if you are using Android phone or Apple store if you are using iPhone/iPad.

Step Two. Go to the homepage, enter your first and last name, Gmail, choose a password which only you can remember at any time.

Step Three. Enter your date of birth and gender.

Step Four. check if all your information’s are correct then click on SIGN UP.

Step Five. Go to your email, a verification link will be sent to your mail, click on the link to fully activate your account.

Step Six. Go to your profile and add a picture, you can choose from your phone gallary or snapping a picture by clicking on the

Step Seven. Your Facebook will be empty if you don’t have family and friends to share with. You can search for people you know or invite from your phone contact or Gmail.

Step Eight. You can choose who sees your post or news feeds, or who sees your friend list by going to your SETTINGS. Click on PRIVACY. Choose any of the options and edit your privacy so you can choose who sees your profile stories and also who sees what you post and friend list.

NOTE: Facebook has a very strict and strong community guideline. Hate speech, terrorism is not allowed. Adding people you don’t might get your account blocked. Selling of fire arms, alcohol, tobacco is highly prohibited. Use of fowl languages and insulting words are not also allowed. Bullying on comment sections and posting nudity pictures and videos are note allowed. Follow the terms and conditions and apply them at all time and enjoy Facebook.

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