How to write seo content that ranks in 2022 – Guide

You want to learn how to write seo content that ranks well on google and other search engines in 2022 even at the next goggle algorithm update?

Here, in this article, I am going to be sharing a whole lots of SEO insights in ranking in google and believe you me, once you are able to rank on google, other search engines will rank you too on their front page.

First, let’s first start by defining what SEO content writing is

What is SEO Content writing?

SEO content writing is the step-by-step approach which includes planning, making and creating content with the essential goal of ranking on search engines.

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SEO optimization is really important in content writing because it helps search engines recognize and know what your content is talking about.


How much content do you need to rank?

There is no specific amount of content or number of words for you to write in order to rank on Google’s search results.

All you need to do is to write highly quality contents that can compete or beat that of your competitors in your niche and to do that you need to engage the application of some kind of SEO content writing tools.

It is recommended that you write contents that are over 600 words long with a good SEO research optimization to back it up and also write one  that can last a lifetime and not one that can’t serve the users search intents after a short period of time.

SEO Content writing tools

There are a lot of SEO content writing tools available on the internet. It is highly important you use at least two or more of these tools on this list for writing content that ranks well on search engines.

Here are the SEO Content writing tools

  1. Google keyword Planner

Researchers and content writers alike use the google keyword planner tool. The google keyword Planner tool is a free keyword research tool for writing and analyzing keywords for better contents.


The Google keyword Planner helps to discover both new and related keywords and to get searches for new trends and keywords.


  1. SemRush

SemRush is one of the most popular and useful tools for digital marketers of all niches.

what is nseo content writing
semrush keywords exployer

Marketers and bloggers can use SEMrush to conduct keyword research, analyze the performance and traffic of their own website or those of their competitors and discover new markets, niches and opportunities.


  1. Ubersuggest

How to write Seo content that ranks well in 2022

  1. Google search console

The Google Search Console is Google’s own device that assists you with working on your rankings in the search engine results pages.

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The search console incorporates tools that checks the performance of your site, including page speed that shows how fast your pages are and the likelihood of having it appear on Google’s SERP.

You can screen your site’s situation on Google SERP including which of your posts and pages are ranking for specific keywords.

Google Search Console is a basic device for all website admins. It gives truly necessary straightforwardness into how your pages are performing and can assist with figuring out which content you ought to optimize for and what keywords you target straightaway.

  1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs just like Ubersuggest is another SEO content checker and one of the SEO content writing tools and a popular one at that.

It helps analyze backlinks, check for ranking keywords and other related ones too. It also incorporates the various search engine volumes, the cost per click (CPC), the keyword or SEO difficulty and other several privileges attached to this SEO content writing tool.

It also checks for backlinks and its opportunities; it also helps to view your competitor’s ranking keywords and those that link to various pages of their site content.

  1. BuzzSumo

What is the fastest way to rank new contents

  1. Moz

All these tools listed above are all SEO content checkers.

Now, that we have explained what SEO content writing is, without further ado, let’s go further into the business of the day.

How do you write contents that ranks in 2022?

It all comes down to seven simple steps to writing SEO content that ranks well on google in 2022.

Oftentimes, I come across content writers and bloggers that ask “What is the fastest way to rank new contents’’? How do you write SEO content that ranks well?

It is just simple, write unique contents that beats that of your competitors and a good SEO optimization and study is required and also make sure all your pages are mobile friendly because according to google search engine results, over 97% of internet users use their mobile phones for checking events and reading news.

It goes beyond all these but for simplicity’s sake, we just state them like that.

Here are the 7 How to write seo content that ranks in 2022 – Guide

  • Focus on helping your readers overcome a specific Problem

It is not by writing good SEO contents but also helping your users overcome a specific problem on Search engine optimization (SEO).

You see, when people write contents, they will be like “Oh! Let me do the keyword research and there are tools like ubersuggest keyword research

How to write Seo content that ranks well in 2022

It is not about writing contents that generate traffic but helping people solve a specific problem, for example, if I will write an article on how to tie a tie, there are keywords research tools that can help generate like keywords for that, you will go to the point where you will add videos, images, animated gifs in that article, by doing that, you are solving your viewers’ problem as quick as possible and it will benefit you in the long run by helping you rank well on search engine results page.

Again, it is not just by writing contents that people are searching for but by helping to solve the user intents. It will help you rank better on SERPs.


How to Rank on Search engine – Step 2


  • Spend 40% of your time on your headline

8 out of 10 people will read your headline but only two of them will click on your headline.

That’s the power of writing amazing headlines, you can get more than 2 out of 10 of them to click on your site article, so really focus on writing an eye-catching headline.

Write articles that will spur the curiosity of your readers. For example, 7 keys to financial freedom, number 6 will shock you!

Oh! Number 6 will shock me? It is not by writing catchy headlines but by providing the value for that number 6 in that article that bears the headline because it is the number 6 that attracted them to click on your article, so ensure it provides value for it.

You can also use Ubersuggest keyword research, just type in the keyword in Ubersuggest, you will navigate to the left hand side of the page, you will see “Content Ideas”, click on it and a list of different content ideas for that keyword will show.

Seo content writing tools

So, this gives you an idea of what will work and what will not work.

This headline will generate the readers’ interest and they will want to click on that article and thereby helping you rank better.

Seo content checker


How to write SEO content that ranks in 2022- Step 3

  • Anchor your main topic to Keywords that have a significant search volume

Again, it is not just using SEO content writing tools or SEO content checker to generate keywords, check for the ones with a high number of search volume and apply them to your topic.

In other words, your keywords should be related to that main topic that you are writing about.

So, for example, somebody has written an article on “How much content do you need to rank? Or What is the fastest way to rank new content?

I may have other keywords that are anchoring with it like on-page SEO, Optimizing for SEO, SEO for ecommerce, content writing for SEO.

All these keywords can get you tons and tons of traffic and you will want to add other related keywords that will complement it.


How to write SEO content that ranks well on Search engine – Step 4

  • Build your Content Outline based on what works for your competitors

To build your content outline based on what is working for your competitors and is not working for you, you have to search for that keyword you might want to rank on SERPs and look for those blog articles that are topping the first to tenth position on the 1st page and look at what is really working for them that aren’t working for you.

You don’t need to copy their articles as you might be copyrighted for it but look for those relevant keywords that you can find.

Whatever keywords that you are writing for, just do a search on google, you will see the display results.

How to write seo content that ranks in 2022 - Guide
Contents on google front page


Also check for those on the 2nd or 3rd   

Contents on 3rd page of google SERP

Take time to study their pages, some of them may be outdated, missing some points, some of them may no longer be relevant to users’ intent.

Write better articles on those keywords and you will definitely rank for them.

How do you write SEO content that ranks well in 22 – Step 5

  • Offer Practical and Actionable Advice

No one will want to read something and will be like Oh! I didn’t get anything from that, that’s an actual waste of my time..

I strongly believe you do not want that. You want to read an article and will be like Oh! That article got me fired up, I want to go out there and work on increasing my SEO traffic.

That is the kind of article that google recommends for its users.

I recommend some months back, I wanted to learn how to fix a broken TV screen and I didn’t want to pay someone who is experienced for it, I googled “how to fix a faulty tv screen”, I read an article on that topic, I was perplexed and disappointed at the same time that that article was not in any way related to what I was searching for.

Of course, I wouldn’t want to come back to that site no more, that’s a bad user experience.

  • Do Internal linking to other relevant content pieces on your website

Only add Internet links that makes sense to your article, do not link to irrelevant links to your website as it could hamper your chances of ranking on Google’s frontpage.

The last on our list of SEO content writing samples is

  • Nail the basic on-page SEO

From meta tags to image alt-tags to your meta description, the first two paragraphs, your URL even your h2 tags etc. to your article and if you are not sure of how to do that, go to ubersuggest and type in your site url and go to site explorer, it will show you all SEO issues discovered and other elements that are wrong with your pages and how to fix them.

I believe this article solved all your SEO issues, if you have any questions or contribution, feel free to use to comment section.


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