Lipoplastia papada |Facts about the double chin lipoplasty |

Lipoplastia Papada  or Double chin lipoplasty| understand how it works|

Currently, the lipoplastia papada otherwise known as the double chin lipoplasty is a highly well-liked operation.

Many people are searching for this method that can end a major discomfort for the most vain in the lipoplastia papada, this article provides all the remedies you need for the treatment of the double chin.

In addition to creating some discomfort, extra fat around the neck and chin can lower someone’s confidence and self-esteem.

Therefore, lipoplasty may be the best operation for you if you feel self-conscious about the double chin when you look in the mirror or everytime you snap a picture.

Lipoplastia papada
Chin reduction augmentation double chin removal plastic surgery cosmetic operation concept Woman eyes closed waiting doctor surgeon hands to draw the cut line the double chin 


Clarify any questions you may have concerning the subject by reading on.


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How does the double chin lipoplasty treatment work?


The process for a double chin lipoplasty is fairly quick and non-invasive.

It is not surgery, which entails incisions, discomfort, and agony.

The procedure’s operation is quite straightforward! The expert administers injections in the double chin area to carry out the procedure.


Deoxycholic acid, a chemical with the ability to burn skin fat cells, is present in these injections.

Depending on the amount of the double chin that needs to be removed, applications should be made in four to six sessions.

The typical session length is 40 minutes, and there is a 20–30 day waiting period between applications.

Despite this, the patient typically observes the favorable effects even after the first session.

It should be remembered that the expert also administers the local anesthetic.


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What are the benefits of doing it?

Lipoplastia de papada 

The benefits of double chin lipoplasty are numerous. The biggest benefit is that you won’t need to spend many days recovering or need to stay in the hospital because the process is less invasive.

Additionally, as we mentioned, the recovery time following surgery is relatively quick, and the effects are seen right away.

The longevity of the treatment is another significant benefit.

Once it’s gone, the double chin won’t return unless you actually experience a large weight gain.

Your face will still be quite well-contoured if you don’t.

Another surgery that is now receiving a lot of attention is the double chin lipoplasty, which is typically done on people who want their faces to look more harmonious.

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How much does a double chin liposuction cost?


The cost of a double chin lipoplasty can vary significantly depending on a variety of factors, including the level of specialty of the practitioner doing the treatment, inflation, where you reside, the required number of sessions, etc.

Double chin Lipoplasty
Cosmetologist makes lipolytic injections to burn fat on the chin, cheeks and neck of a woman against double chin. Female aesthetic cosmetology in a beauty salon.Cosmetology concept.


The cost of a full course of treatment, however, is thought to be no more than R$ 2,000 in the major Brazilian cities.

Given that the effects are almost immediately noticeable and you won’t experience any pain or agony as with a surgical procedure, the investment is justified.



Do there exist any restrictions on the lipoplastia de papada surgery?


Double chin lipoplasty or the lipoplastia papada has some risks, just like any treatment.

Women who are pregnant or nursing, for instance, cannot get a double chin alipo. Additionally, those who have diseases or cysts in that area of the body should avoid the treatment.

Waddle lipoplasty is not an option for anyone who has thyroid nodules or has ever had them.

With the exception of these circumstances, anyone with extra jowls can undergo the operation without any issues.


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Always seek professional advice, who might ask for various tests to make sure you are healthy enough to undergo a double chin lipoplasty.

Can a double chin lipoplasty be performed by a dentist?


Yes, dentists have the training and experience necessary to do double chin lipoplasty. This technique falls under the umbrella of aesthetic dentistry.

In this way, dentists who specialize in this field are free to carry out procedures like double chin lipoplasty at their offices.

Always seek out specialists who have completed specialty training in these aesthetic procedures in addition to their dental degree.

What safety measures should you take while selecting a specialist to do the procedure?


It’s crucial to take your time while selecting a specialist to do double chin lipoplasty.

As with all injection-based procedures, if an application is done incorrectly, it might result in nerve and muscle damage.

The nerves and muscles in the face may become dysfunctional, and necrosis may result.

So avoid taking any chances! Always thoroughly research the credentials of any dentists you are considering hiring to perform a double chin lipoplasty.

Asking the expert to demonstrate whether the item he intends to use has been authorized by the National Health Surveillance Agency is another intriguing piece of advice (Anvisa).

As a result, you can be certain that the technique is both effective and safe.

Was the knowledge we provided to you regarding double chin lipoplasty helpful?

This treatment could spell the end of the irritation that has been harming your self-esteem for years.

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