Ultimate guide to owning Long haired dog breeds

Having a dog breed with long hair can be satisfying and good to dog lovers. Dogs are known to be sensitive, fun and good buddies to its owners.

This article discusses;

  • Long haired dog breeds and the cost of maintainence.

  • What kind of dog breeds have all red long hair

  •  long haired dogs breeds including the Afghan hound, the Puli, and other dog breeds with long hair.

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1. Hound of Afghanistan

The thick, silky coat of the Afghan Hound protected them in the harsh mountainous regions where they were first raised, according to the American Kennel club

Afghan hound brushed by the owner. Source: GettyImages

According to Hill’s Pet, they are a high-maintenance long haired dog breeds because to their grooming and activity requirements.

2. Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog breeds with long hair
Bernese Mountain Dog.. Source: Getty

Berners began their lives as farm dogs in Switzerland’s midland areas.

Their coat is thick and relatively long, and it is always three colors. According to the AKC, they shed a lot and require weekly brushing during shedding season.

3. Shih Tzu

Small long haired dog breeds
Photo taken in Davie, United States
Source: GettyImages


Shih Tzus are well known for their long, beautiful coats. But a Shih Tzu According to the AKC, a lengthy coat requires daily brushing. Their coat can be clipped to make it easier to maintain.

4. RouBergamasco


Rough Collie Getty

According to the AKC, the Rough Collie, often known as the long-haired Collie, is a variant of the Collie breed, not a separate  breed of dog.

Its coat is long and smooth, and it comes in a variety of colors.

According to the AKC, they should be brushed once a week to keep their coat from matting.

5. Bergamasco

Standing in against trees in winter mood, looking at camera. Source: Getty

Bergamasco dogs are thought to have originated in what is now Iran, where they helped their owners herd sheep thousands of years ago, according to the Bergamasco Sheepdog Club.


  • 25-27 inches in height
  • 60-70 pound weight category
  • Personality: Affectionate and friendly.
  • High level of activity
  • Moderate shedding factor
  • 12-15 years is the average life expectancy.

Irish Setters, like Gordon Setters, have silky coats that require weekly brushing. These dog breeds are long haired too.

Because their silky hair tangles readily, combs and dematting tools are great for these dogs, especially since much of the longer hair is on their legs and underbelly. Although show dogs will have straighter, longer coats, Irish Setters can have their coats trimmed

significantly shorter as domestic pets.

7. KEESHOND Dog breeds

KEESHOND long haired Dog breeds
KEESHOND Dog. Source: GettyImages
  • 17-18 inches in height
  • 35-45 pound weight range
  • Personality: vivacious and astute
  • Moderate to High Intensity Physical Activity
  • Moderate shedding factor
  • 12-15 years is the average life expectancy.

Keeshonds are German dog breeds with a spitz-like appearance and glasses-like colour on their faces.

Their coats are made of two layers of soft fur that requires very little upkeep.

Brushing once a week, but for an hour, is recommended by a Bay Area Keeshond care group.


Make sure there aren’t any hidden knots by taking your time.


Studio shot of a komondor. Source: GettyImages
  • 25-28 inches in height
  • 80-100 pound weight category
  • Sweet and protective personality
  • Moderate level of activity
  • Shedding Factor: This dog breed is non-shedding.
  • 10-12 years is the life expectancy.

Take a look at the cords! After their coats are corded, Komondors, like Bergamasco Sheepdogs, do not require brushing.

These dogs are large but agile. Between the ages of 8 and a year, Komondor cords begin to form (with your guidance). Their ropes become longer as they get older.

A soiled coat can be simply cleaned with water, according to the Komondor Club of America.


Damp cords can develop mildew. Keeping a corded coat health take diligence, but it’s worth it to see these agile, powerful dogs happy and healthy.

9.  Lhasa Apso

Breeds of dogs with long hair
Lhasa Apso Breed of dog with
Photo taken in Limoges, France. GettyImages
  • 10-11 inches is the average height.
  • 12-18 pound average weight
  • Temperament: Sweet and protective
  • Low Shedding Factor
  • Moderate level of activity
  • 12-15 years is the average life expectancy.

A short-trimmed cut is perfectly acceptable if you don’t plan on presenting your Lhasa Apso at dog shows or don’t want to give them a nice bath every two weeks.

Brushing is required for both kinds to keep their smooth fur from tangling.

Lhasa Apso coats should be dried fully, much as corded coats. Leaving them wet may make them angrier than they were before the wash.


Types of long haired dog breeds
A Newfoundland dog runs along a forest path. Outdoor photo…Source: GettyImages

Newfoundland dogs are another example of long haired dog types. Though unlike the pulis dog which one of the few dogs on our list of breeds of dogs that dont shed, the Newfoundland dogs do.

Below are the Features;

  • 26-28 inches in height
  • 100-150 pound weight range
  • Friendly and loving personality
  • Moderate level of activity
  • Moderate to High Shedding Factor
  • 9-10 years is the average life expectancy.

Do you want a true test of your mettle? Prepare a Newfoundland for breeding.

Get ready to brush these enormous dog breeds with long hair multiple times a week using a comb and a slicker brush.

Their thick, double coats can mat quickly and shed a lot; brushing helps keep both difficulties under control.


Slowly and steadily work your way around this large dog’s body, making sure you don’t miss any areas.


Dog breeds with long hair
Two English sheepdog running on grass. Souce:GettyImages
  • 21-24 inches in height
  • 60-100 pound weight range
  • Personality: witty and sweet
  • Moderate level of activity
  • Moderate shedding factor
  • 12-15 years is the average life expectancy.

This is another double breasted coat which dog breeds have long curly hair.

The Old English Sheepdog is essentially a gigantic fluff ball.

Brushing down to the skin numerous times a week to ensure there are no snarls or snags is essential for a happy, healthy long haired dog breeds of the old English sheepdog.

Trim their paws as well, as additional hair between toes can contribute to dirt build-up.

Brush your Old English Sheepdog thoroughly before giving him a bath! Otherwise, according to New England Old English Sheepdog Rescue, you may have to completely shave your dog to remove the knots.

12. PULI- which dog breeds have long curly hair

Puli dog breeds with long curly hair
Puli dog on a field. GettyImages

The puli dog are one of such long haired dog breeds that doesn’t shed their hair.

  • 16-17 inches in height
  • 25-35 pound weight range
  • Obedient, loving personality
  • Moderate level of activity
  • Shedding Factor: This product is non-shedding.
  • Life expectancy is estimated to be between 10 and 15 years.

A Puli’s coat, which the American Kennel Club describes as “wooly, dense, and waterproof,” requires a lot of attention. Their coats can be brushed out (which results in crimped fluff), trimmed (which looks like a Golden Doodle coat), or corded.


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The Pulis are breeds of dogs with long hair and they can become tangled quickly due to their double-coated curly fur.

They can be bathed, just like other corded dogs, but they must be rinsed and dried thoroughly, which can take a long time.


The SHEPHERD OF THE PYRENES are another type of dog breeds with small long curly furs

German shepherd..what kind of dog breeds have all red long hair
  • 15 – 21 inches tall
  • 15-30 pound weight range
  • Playful and caring personality
  • High level of activity
  • Moderate shedding factor
  • 17-19 years of life expectancy

Pyrenean Shepherds come in two coat types: smooth and rough.

All have two coats, but maintenance isn’t too difficult! Brushing their coats once or twice a week is required to maintain them free of snags and debris.


GORDON SETTER dog breeds with long hair
GORDON SETTER dog breed GettyImages

Height: 23-27 inches

Weight: 45-80 pounds

Personality: Affectionate, intelligent

Activity Level: High

Shedding Factor: Moderate

Life Expectancy: 12-13 years


According to the Gordon Setter Club of America , a breed of Gordon Setter’s fur should be brushed at least once per week. Whether wavy or straight, trimming around the feet, ears and tail every month helps keep those spots free of knots (make sure to check their floppy ears frequently for built-up dirt!).


There you have it, the above listed dogs are types of breeds of dogs with long hair.

Before you go buying any dog,make sure you check the breed it is, some can be small while some are long haired breeds of dogs.


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