Marketplace on Facebook Desktop: Discover FB Marketplace Missing Icon On PC

Why Can’t You Find FB Marketplace Icon on Your Facebook Desktop and How to Fix It? – Facebook Marketplace offers a convenient platform for buying and selling products online. It is widely used by individuals and businesses, and it was initially available for mobile devices only. However, since 2017, Facebook has made the Marketplace available on desktop as well, which makes it even more accessible to users. Unfortunately, some users have been having trouble finding the Marketplace icon on the desktop version of Facebook.

Where is the Facebook Marketplace Icon on Desktop?

If you cannot find the Marketplace icon on your Facebook desktop homepage, you are not alone. Many users face the same issue, and there are a couple of reasons for this. The Marketplace icon may not be visible on your homepage if you reside in a country that Facebook does not support yet. Alternatively, if you have just created a new Facebook account or if your account is not verified, you may not be able to see the Marketplace on desktop.

How to Fix Missing Facebook Marketplace Icon on PC?

If the Facebook Marketplace icon is not visible on your desktop, there are a few things you can do to resolve the issue. One of the easiest ways to fix the problem is to check if you are in a country that Facebook supports. If you are, the next step is to ensure that your Facebook account is verified. Once you have verified your account, log out, and then log in again.

If you are still unable to see the Marketplace icon on your desktop, you can try clearing your browser cache and cookies. If this does not work, try using a different browser to log in to your Facebook account. You can also try updating your browser to the latest version, as outdated software can sometimes cause issues with the functionality of the Facebook desktop site.


The Facebook Marketplace icon is missing on desktop for some users, which can be frustrating. However, there are a few potential solutions to this issue, such as checking if your country is supported, verifying your account, clearing your browser cache and cookies, or using a different browser. By following these steps, you should be able to access the Marketplace on your Facebook desktop and start buying and selling products online with ease.


  1. Why can’t I see Facebook Marketplace on my desktop?
  • Facebook Marketplace may not be available in your country or your account may not be verified.
  1. How do I verify my Facebook account?
  • Follow the verification prompts provided by Facebook.
  1. What should I do if I still can’t see the Marketplace icon on my desktop?
  • Clear your browser cache and cookies, use a different browser or update your current browser to its latest version.
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