My Facebook Memories from 7 Years Ago

Did you know that Facebook has a feature called “Memories”? This is a new feature that allows you to go back and explore your past photos. Here, we’ll see how to access the Memories section on your Facebook account. It’s more than just checking out some old photos from your profile. The new feature also makes it possible for you to search for particular images based on events or locations.

But what makes this so interesting is when you discover moments that you have posted but forgotten about or never realized existed in the first place! As an avid user of social media and a huge fan of photography, I have created several digital archives featuring my favorite photos from each year. This article will show you how to find those hidden entries in Facebook if that interests you!

How to Access Facebook Memories

There are a couple of ways to access Facebook Memories. The easiest way is by clicking the “memories” tab in the Facebook. This will lead you to the memory section of the app, which features trending topics and articles from around the social media platform. You can also access this section by going to menu section and then tap memories on facebook app, which brings up the memories section in your facebook app. You can then click the “Memories” tab at the top of the Explore section, which will open up a timeline of your past posts to explore. In addition, you can also type in a search term to look for photos that you might have posted in the past.

Here are the steps you need to follow to easily find facebook memories:

  1. Facebook app login your account
  2. Next, tap on the three-lines icon
  3. Now, locate and tap memories
  4. Scroll through the page and you will see all the memories of the day.

Go Back in Time With Facebook Memories

There are a few reasons to go back in time with Facebook Memories. First, it’s fun to see how much you’ve changed or how your life has changed over the years. Second, you might discover hidden or forgotten photos that you want to add to your profile. Third, you might find an old friend or family member and reconnect with them. Facebook Memories is personalized to you, so some of the content you see may not apply to other people. The feature only gives you content that you have posted, liked, or have been tagged in. You cannot see other people’s memories unless they have added your memories to their posts.

Photos That Are Only in Your Memories

Although Facebook Memories is personalized and only gives you memories that you have created, there are certain images that only appear in your memories. For example, if you are tagged in a post by another user, you will only see that image in your memories. If you are the one who uploaded the photo, it will appear in your memories and on your timeline.

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Photos uploaded to Facebook at an specific event, like a wedding or birthday, will only appear in your memories. If you want to share that photo with your friends and followers on Facebook, you will have to upload it as an original post. Memories can only hold photos that were uploaded directly to Facebook.

Finding Photos You Might Have Forgotten About

You might find photos you don’t remember uploading. Maybe you were tagged in a post by someone else, or maybe you uploaded a photo to a Facebook event or album that you forgot about. You might even find old photos that you forgot you ever took! It’s surprisingly easy to find these photos. All you have to do is search for a word or phrase in the Memories section. You can even search by location if you want to find a photo that was taken at a specific place.

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The Memories section is sorted by year, so search for events that happened in specific years to find photos that you might have forgotten about. You can also tag yourself in old photos that you remember taking but that haven’t yet been added to your profile. Doing so will make the photos appear on your profile.

Discover Hidden Photo Albums

If you want to find an old photo album that you don’t remember creating, you can easily search for it in the Memories section. Facebook remembers all of the albums you’ve created, even if you don’t currently have them on your profile. If you can’t remember the name of the album, you can still search for the photos themselves. Just type in the name of the event or location of the photo, and you’re bound to find the album. If you want to add the photos to your profile, you can also just click the “Add to Memories” button on the photo.


Now that you’re familiar with how Facebook Memories works, you’ll have an even better chance of finding cool photos that you may have forgotten about. Remember to type in specific terms related to photos, such as the name of an event or a location. You may discover some hidden gems from years past! These features provide an excellent way to look back on old memories while also making new ones. You can also use Memories to keep track of important milestones in your life, like your first day of school or a special vacation.

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