5 Nigerian hairstyles that will make you go bald by 40

  • Nigerian hairstyles that will make you go bald before 40 years of age

Nigerian Ladies for the most part love to look great and wear hairstyles that accomplish the look for them.

These hairstyles can make you look astonishly beautiful but are are hairstyles that cause hair loss

Throughout the long term, Nigerian women have advanced in their endeavors to intensify their natural beauty from fancy make ups to wearing hairdos that give the stark they desire

The question you should ask yourself before rocking these hairstyles is, what’s the long term effect of these hairstyles on your hair?

These hairdos and heat styling could prompt temporary or permanent baldness in these young ladies.

As per Hopkins Medicine Center, black people are prone to alopecia which is an ailment brought about by the application of severe heat on the hair, chemicals and tight hairstyles that draw at the hair root, including a few meshes otherwise called braids, dreadlocks, expansions, and weaves.

Do you have any idea about how they say it’s wrong if the weaving isn’t tight enough?

That is a major warning for your hair; you might go bald before 40

So this article gives information about balding hairstyles and these hairstyles can actually make you go bald before the age of 40.

1. Stick Straight Strands

This hairstyle is not a balding hairstyle but the hot tools the stylists use in achieving the hairdo do cause the hair loss.

hair loss in women
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The hair that on a normal day is wooly and wavy.

These hair stylists make use of heat to make the Stick Straight Strands and of course you know, heat is not good for the hair and its scalp.

Just imagine using heat straighten your hair into submission.

Straightening your hair isn’t exactly the healthiest thing to do for your strands

Assuming you should straighten your hair, utilize a heat protectant spray ahead of time to assist with diminishing the harm.

2. Ponytails

Ponytails can be worn in various ways, from high ponies to low ponytails; in any case, continually wearing this hairstyle will ultimately harm your hair.

Research has shown that pulling your hair back firmly may cause harm to the hair.

That’s because the beauty of ponytails is how flat and tightly pulled your hair looks.

The damage to the hair follicles is caused about this ponytails hairdo is known as ” traction alopecia,”

This type of hair loss is brought about by injury to the hair follicles because of the constant pulling of the hair.

hair loss in women... ponytails hairstyles
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Normally, African hair isn’t intended to be smooth and fixed, yet to accomplish the western Kardashian pony, ladies stress their hair to the breakpoint.

3. Tight plaits

Despite the fact that braids are seen as protective styles and look totally shocking on any hair type-nonetheless, steady braiding and pulling of the hair can lead to hair breakage which is a sign of baldness.

Whenever the hair is pulled excessively close or tight, it weakens the roots, which can cause follicle injury, parting, and generally speaking harmed hair, most experts would agree

In this way, next time you go to braid your hair, advise your stylist to be delicate on your strands, particularly your edges.

Level pressed hair
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4. Ghana Weave

Nigerian hairstyles that will make you go bald by 40
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Ghana weave is one of the the hairstyles for African women.

Almost every Nigerian women like the Ghana Weave and these hairstyle is a balding hairstyle. My apologies for using that word.

It keeps on being one of the top hairdos that Nigerian women like to wear on their hair.

The weave starts from the most slender purpose in your hair utilizing hair extensions.

In any case, Ghana Weaves can make harm ladies’ hair, particularly your edges.

After packing and repacking, those dainty strands of hair under pressure start to fall off from the scalp and this activity overtime gives you hair loss which is a balding hairstyle and might make you go bald in the long run

You will notice when the hair get aged the way in which the hair starts to lift at the front like you are wearing a cap.

To try not to get bald, have the stylist start the weave without using extensions and quietly add them.

The wings, being heavier than the hair, are the reason the pull is harder on your strands.

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5. Fake Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks look extraordinary, no denying of this fact but they only look great if they are naturally grown and not artificially grown.

These dreadlocks are one of the 5 hairstyles that will make you go bald at 40 and hear this, artificial dreadlocks are not ideal for your hair safety.

Be that as it may, fixing dreads into your hair is not good for the hair scalp?

When you use heavy wool-like materials without undue pressure on the natural hair, it damages you in the long run, especially if it’s one of your favorite hairstyles.

Overstretched periods, the contorted, tangled, tangled hair that forms into dreads brings about dandruff, hair loss, and other scalp conditions.

And it causes more harm when you apply these dreadlocks straight after applying relaxer on the natural hair which might prompt severe breakage.

What cause hair loss in Women?

From dietary deficiencies to stress or pressure on the hair, going bald in women can have various causes.

Telogen effluvium – when essentially more hairs move from the developing to the shedding stage – can happen after a horrible or unpleasant experience, for example,

  • Child bearing
  • Extreme weight loss,
  • The loss of a loved one
  • Cancer

Lacks of nutrients, similar to nutrient D, and minerals like Iron, are believed to contribute to hair loss or baldness

Triggers for different sorts of going bald reach from provocative scalp conditions, similar to skin inflammation, to a underlying health concern, like an immune system condition.

Indeed, even tight hairstyles, like ponytails, or braids, can lead to balding because of severe pressure on the hair roots.


Going bald is a choice at times because you get to choose the hairstyles that can make you go bald at 40, so after these balding hairstyles as they are injurious to your hair.

These hairstyles are hairstyles that cause hair loss in women, so either you avoid them or apply the precaurative  measures before making them on your hair.


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