You Want to Change Location on Tinder?

How to Change Location on Tinder

It is a free mobile dating app that connects you to singles in your area. Tinder essentially pioneered location-based dating apps in 2012, and it remains the most popular dating app in the United States. Tinder is a popular online dating application that matches you with other users in your area based on your mobile device’s location and other profile information. This article discusses changing your location on Tinder.

Nothing will be made public on your Facebook page. You have complete authority over the customization of your Tinder profile. The app can automatically pull publicly accessible photos from your Facebook account to display potential matches, which you can later modify if you so choose. The steps to edit your Tinder location are outlined below.

How to Change Location in the Tinder App

  • Click on your profile icon
  • Locate Settings
  • Select “Location.”
  • Choose “Add a new location” and select a new location.

By Changing Your Facebook Location

In the upper right corner of the interface, click on your profile photo impression. Visit the “about me” section to proceed. Add a new location to the ‘current city’ section to modify your location. Adjust the remaining settings accordingly. Click the “save” button.

In Conclusion

We hope that our post on how to change your Tinder location will be helpful and solve all of your issues. Tinder works by obtaining your position from the GPS service on your mobile device. The app will then search for potential matches within the specified search radius of 1 to 100 miles. Therefore, if the perfect person is 102 miles away, you’re out of luck unless you can convince Tinder that you’re genuinely at a different location.

I hope you understand How to Change Your Location on Tinder.

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