Zambia’s President-elect praises Commonwealth’s part in Successful election

  • President of the federal republic of Zambia has come out to laud the efforts of the Secretary general of the commonweight.

  • What is the Services of Commonweight

The Commonweight happens to be an association of both developing and developed Countries which comprises of 54 Independent Nations coming together to promote peace, equity, democracy and they assist one another in matters that will aid the development of countries within it.

 The Commonweight offers a lot of programs to boost the overall development and growth of its member countries, with the youths being the most beneficiaries of these programs.

The association is headed by the Secretary- General with Rt. Hon. Patricia Scotland the current Secretary in charge and the 6th one at that.

They tend to support and assist any member-countries with issues, be it in the area of politics, social development, education and what have you; when needed, well, that is what they are there for.

Recall that Zambia’s President, Hakainde Hichilema who was once a prisoner in 2017 with his offense based on unfair or false charges was subsequently released from prison and later became the incumbent President of the Federal Republic of Zambia lauded the roles the Current Commonweight Secretary- General played in his release from Prison.

He acknowledged the fact that Patricia Scotland and the commonweight didn’t stop fighting to ensure his release. He was later liberated after the intervention of the Commonweight.

Hakainde who ran for president with election held in August 2021 reminisced on his ordeal in prison, gathered that the president in April, 2017 was arrested after the Zambian Police broke into his home on the order of then-president Edgar Lungu.

He was charged with treason after he was accused of blocking the free movement of the president’s array of motorcade carrying the President.

Many believed that the case wasn’t one that could be regarded as treason, even though the offense comes with death sentence in some instances.

Enough of his ordeal in prison. Today’s reports saw the President commend the commonweight in orchestrating the successful election of the Zambian Nation.

Hakainde, through a statement lauded Patricia for his successful inauguration after emerging as the president.

In his statement, he said Zambia, in times past do not give her citizens the freedom and rights to vote for their choice of candidate. He also said the government do not make available voting instruments for voters and polling centers as there was none coupled with non-registration of voters.

In the Nation’s battle against political struggles and social challenges, Commonweight and Patricia came in to tackle the situation.

The President acknowledged the fact that there was no form of respect for human rights or the law governing the country.  A Problem, Patricia Scotland and the commonweight handled successfully as we can see from the evidence of the election that there was peace and a free and fair election was held.

He added

“I’m talking about issues of violence, community political violence that needed to be dealt with.

I’m talking about voters’ registration, voter database that needed to be deemed fair and help build peace”.

Meanwhile, the secretary-general offered her congratulations to the President-elect saying that the President’s election marks a historical feat in the history of the nation. She also seized the opportunity to applaud the departing President, Lungu for his transfer of leadership to Hilchilema in a peaceful fashion adding that there are only two winners with none of them losing the quest for leadership.

The entire people of Zambia were not left out in her appraisal as she thanked them for coming out to vote and ensure that a peaceful, free, fair and violence free election was held.

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