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Promoting videos on youtube have been a great challenge to a whole lot of vloggers and youtubers alike.

And where to promote youtube videos for free have become a question that need answers to.

Newbie Youtubers find it quite difficult getting the number of views required to stand on youtube’s front page and getting the views and subscribers for their videos.

And oftentimes these vloggers ask questions like “What are best sites to promote youtube videos ’’? “How do I promote my youtube Videos”? Where to Promote Youtube Videos for Free and several other similar questions that need answers to.

Here in this this article, I am going to be covering all of that.

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Are you a youtuber finding it difficult to get views and subscribers to your youtube channel, I’d advise you to read along diligently to the very end of this article?

Remember, one of the benefits of sharing your contents on youtube is to get your opinions count and seen by people, and the Internet through Google and Youtube has created the platform for all that.

best sites to promote youtube videos FOR FREE

First, before we dive into the Top 5 best sites to Promote youtube Videos, let’s look at the necessary steps to take to get youtube and Google to recognize your videos and recommend them for front page.


  1. Create Quality Contents

When we talk about creating quality video contents, a lot of vloggers underestimate the criteria.

Research have proven that the greatest way of getting on youtube’s frontpage, you need to create better, unique and quality contents that will make your viewers and visitors engaged and yearning for more of your contents.

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And why will they do that? It’s simply due to the fact that you give your viewers that contents that crave for.

In creating quality contents, you first of all, start by finding a Niche for your channel, finding a niche creates an awareness to your viewers about your niche or topic that are interested in.

Take for example, Sports Niche, though competitive but rewarding at the same time, you don’t make the mistake of combining different niches together to the vlog.

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It’s not advisable, as it won’t give your subscribers the opportunity to focus on your channel for similar area of interest.

  1. Create and add eye catchy thumbnails to your videos

Thumbnails are like adverts that are part of your video, they are added to your video to spice up your video.

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They are the first part of your videos that people see when they search on a topic or keyword related to your uploaded video.

The eye catchy your video’s thumbnail is to these searchers, the more likely it is to get their attention and you can get views through adding eye catchy thumbnails to your videos

  1. Add Tags to your videos

Go to Best sites to promote youtube videos read more about Tags and Thumbnails


Now, let’s take a look at the top sites to Promote your youtube videos for Free

Top 7 best Sites to Promote youtube Videos Free


Sharree is a community website that lets you promote youtube channel to real users for free.

  • Over 300,000 youtubers have promoted their videos on Sharree for free to get more views and subscribers.

free youtube promotion websites youtube channel promotion sites free

Sharree also lets you promote your tweet and sound cloud contents.

Share is another site for youtube channel promotion sites free, check it out

You can sign up for free with either of your facebook username or your google account, the click on “New Share” and add your video details, once you are done sharing, your video will be showed in the recently shared section.

  • DrumItUp

DrumItUp is also another website to promote your youtube channel free. All you need to do is to watch, comment and share on someone’s else video before you can be allowed to post your own video.

Once, you have done that, you can now upload your video using your youtube link, you will also need to add your video title and description too.

You can also add your keywords to your video, only available for Prime Subscribers only.


  • Quora

Quora is also a community forum where different users and internet users with like minds come together to share their views on a particular topic.

You can get answers to any question that may be bordering you and you might find answers that may interest you on Quora.

You will get to answer people’s questions and earn a reputation and you can use your youtube videos to answer questions and this is one of the free youtube promotion websites


  • Best of youtube

It is the commonly used youtube promotion sites used by youtubers.

You just have to sign up and upload eye catchy thumbnails to your videos.

It is a website that promote youtube videos free.

  • Wimp

Wimp may be lacking in fancy graphic designs and Styling but it is one of the best promotion sites available with easy access and you will find constantly updated videos.

You can use this platform to promote youtube videos. To do this, just go to Wimp, fill in your video details, add to their terms and conditions in the check box and submit your video.

  • Reddit

make money watching videos

Reddit is one of the most highly traffic and promotion site in the world.

Reddit falls under our free youtube video promotion sites list

You can learn how to upload your videos Reddit by checking on Youtube videos that teaches on how to promote your video using Reddit


  • Trinding allows you to upload only one video per day but at least it’s worth it.

free youtube promotion websites


Ensure you always add a catchy thumbnails and title to your video to attract more traffic to your channel.


  • Viboom


is an platform i came across recently thay helps promote youtube videos.

They promote different types of videos and YouTube channels using seeding on websites and YouTube.

They can target by country, age, gender, interests.

They do our best and you can focus on your content, gaining new views and subscribers with them.


Summary- Sites to Promote youtube videos for free

Free youtube promotion websites are not hard to come by if you follow these steps


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