What is Greg locke net worth | Bio, family, controversies, arrest, sermons & books|

Pastor Greg Locke is an American religious personality. He is known for some dubious crimes he was attached to.

Global Vision Pastor Greg Locke oversees Bible Church in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. Pastor Locke created the church and currently serves as its leader.

Minister Greg Locke is a well-known person in Christian culture as a well-known minister who is renowned for his bravery for the truth.

His Revivalist tweets on social media have helped him gain a sizable following.

He is frequently requested for a variety of church events.

Greg Locke has delivered sermons in 48 states and 16 other nations since he delivered his first sermon at the age of 16.

This article contains all you need to know about Greg locke net worth, Greg locke biography, Greg locke’s age, family, early years and all other informations about Greg Locke’s life, Greg locke’s books, sermons and age


Pastor Greg Locke net worth 2022

Greg Locke’s net worth is estimated to be around $129 million as of 2022.

Speaking at conferences, religious workshops, and college campuses is how Pastor greg Locke makes his living.

Both men and women can purchase his clothing line at Locke’s clothing line.

He established LockeMedia, an international publisher of best-selling novels, in the year 2020.

Pastor Greg Locke started a podcast in the year 2020. As a result of his podcast, pastor Greg Locke’s net worth is thought to be $129 million.


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Short Pastor Greg locke Wiki

Full Name Greg Locke
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Evangelist and Pastor
Ethnicity White
Date of Birth May 18th, 1976
Age 45 years
Birth Place Donelson, Tennessee, United States
5 feet 6 inches
55 kg
Marital Status Married
Wife Taisha Locke
children 4
Greg Locke Net Worth $129 million

Pastor Greg Locke biography 2022 |Early Life, Family & Education|


Grey locke’s birth took place in Donelson, Tennessee, on May 18, 1976.

His early years, parents, siblings, and educational history are not well known, however he holds a Master’s degree from the Baptist Theological School of New England.

Along with his undergraduate degree, he also holds a graduate degree in theology from Ambassador Baptist College.

Melissa and Greg had a romantic relationship; they later declared their marriage.

Over 21 years had passed since Melissa and the pastor tied the knot.


Marital Issues, Divorce & Children

Melissa and Greg had a romantic relationship; they later declared their marriage.

Over 21 years had passed since Melissa and the pastor tied the knot.

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They are a gorgeous family with a daughter and three boys.

While the other two are their own biological offspring, two of the children are adopted.

When Melissa conspired with some churchgoers to accuse Greg of switching his first wife for his church assistant, Taisha (Tai Cowan McGee),  their marriage fell apart.

As of August 2020, Greg and Taisha Locke were still married.

When Greg claimed that his first wife had a mental illness in an interview, Melissa vented her wrath on social media.

Although she was horrified by his remarks, she hasn’t explicitly stated that she wanted anything to do with the marriage.


Arrests, Vandalism, and Controversy


In the year 2020, his church was vandalized, with estimated damages of $5,000.

He received harsh criticism in the media for his homophobia and for disseminating untruths through his Global Vision Bible Church in Tennessee.

Additionally, this is not the first time the preacher has been detained.

He has also been charged with leading a cult and embezzling funds, both of which have boosted Grey lock net worth.

While the Republican party held him in high regard as their torchbearer and the epitome of the perfect American in 2020, he promoted anti-mask allegations that caused him in controversy with liberals and intellectuals.


Pastor Greg locke books

Aside being a pastor and evangelist, Pastor Greg locke is also an author of many books.

Some of Greg locke’s books are listed below and can be found on Goodreads and Amazon


Greg locke books

  1. Weapons of our warfare
  2. Touched by Fire: Doctors without borders in a 3rd war crisis
  3. Blinded by Benny





Which college did Greg locke?

He has a Master’s in Revival History and a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies.


Who is Greg Locke’s wife?

Pastor Greg’s first wife was Melissa Locke.

The former relationships broke down after his connection with Taisha, and the current wife was acquainted with Taisha.

How many countries did he preach in?
Greg Locke has given sermons since his first one in 16 different nations and 48 different states.

How much is Greg Locke Net Worth?
Greg Locke net worth is believed to be $129 million.


What Is Pastor Greg Locke Net Worth?


Pastor Greg Locke net worth stands at $129 million as at the time of writing this article, with one of his main sources of income being the church he founded in 2006.



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