How To Delete A Facebook Account Permanently

How To Delete A Facebook Account Permanently – You can get rid of your account permanently but bear in mind that you can’t have the account back. You won’t be able to gain access to all the content you posted again. Then you can’t have it back after thirty days because by then the app algorithm must have deleted it.

Also, have in mind that you can never reactivate the account again after the given period of time. You also need to know that after taking the action of taking away your account you can’t log into the messenger app.

There won’t be access to log in again and you will lose all your items. Even your messages to friends will not be available again. But the friends can view them from their side. People who use their FB details to access other applications won’t have access to the app again.

Such applications may be Instagram, Pinterest, and others. They will have to alert the applications to help them gain access to the apps. People who created pages will also lose access to them except if they hand them over to some other person.

How To Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently

The guidelines on how to permanently take out your account from the app are below:

  • First, thing first ensure your account is accessible on any device of your choice.
  • When you are on your profile page check out the menu icon.
  • Then scroll down to the settings and privacy option.
  • Open the settings button to continue the process
  • Hit on the Facebook Information option and then select the privacy choice.
  • There you will see the deactivation and deletion button waiting for your click
  • Ensure you select the delete account button and choose the continue action that will show up.
  • After clicking on it, you will have to give your password and hit on the continue button. Your account will be off the application after taking the final course of action.

You can unpublish your profile permanently if you need to but if there is a rethink, you can have it back. The only criterion is, that it shouldn’t be more than thirty days after taking the action.

So, to reverse the action you need to access your account and click on the cancel deletion button before 30 days. You need to be aware that it may last up to 90 days for the application to permanently get rid of your account. During the ninety days, other users cannot access your profile.

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