How to Delete Netflix Profiles

How to Delete a Netflix Profile on Desktop, Mobile, or TV

Netflix profiles are a boon for families or groups of friends that share a subscription. You can establish as many as five profiles, each with its unique viewing history and set of suggestions. By having distinct profiles, your child’s anime choices will never affect the recommendations Netflix produces for you.

You may also wish to delete a profile that you no longer require or desire. The only restriction is that you cannot erase your primary account profile from a computer browser, mobile device, or television.

Deleting the account’s primary profile

When a Netflix account is created, a primary profile is also created. This profile is permanent and cannot normally be deleted or removed. If you wish to delete this account, you must cancel your Netflix subscription completely.

According to Netflix, if your account is cancelled for more than 10 months, all account information (including your profile) is deleted permanently. You can also send an email to [email protected] to request that Netflix delete this information sooner.

How to delete a Netflix profile using a web browser

In a web browser, any profile other than the primary one for your account can be deleted easily.

1. Log into Netflix in a web browser using any profile.

2. Click “Manage Profiles” when the cursor is over the profile icon in the upper-right corner of the window.

3. Click the desired profile to delete it.

4. Click “Delete Profile,” and then click “Delete Profile” again to confirm your decision.

How to delete a Netflix profile on your mobile device

1. Launch Netflix’s app.

2. Tap “More” in the screen’s lower right corner.

3. Click “Manage Profiles” at the top of the screen.

4. Tap the desired profile to delete it.

5. Press “Delete” and then tap “Yes” to indicate that you wish to delete the item.

How to delete a Netflix profile on your TV

Delete a profile from a smart TV or streaming media player in a similar manner. Here is how to accomplish this with a Roku device.

1. Start Netflix.

2. Select “Switch Profiles” using the remote by navigating to the left and selecting the option.

3. Select the pencil symbol below the profile you wish to delete after navigating to the profile you wish to remove.

4. Choose “Delete Profile” and confirm your selection.

If you have a different media player or smart TV, you should be able to easily locate the option to delete profiles by clicking the pencil icon located beneath the profiles. Remember that you can always erase profiles in a web browser on your computer or smartphone if you can’t find it.

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