How to fix internet connection issues-Wi-Fi & Router Fixes

Intro- How to fix internet connection issues-Wi-Fi & Router Fixes

Internet connection is vital and technology has made it possible for the internet to be accessible to everyone.

Everyone requires a regular and reliable internet connection and How to fix internet connection issues on Wi-Fi and Router devices have oftentimes been a question and challenge on the Internet users.

Fix internet connection and wifi issues

With a large portion of the world’s population working from home, life would be impossible without a reliable internet connection.

Internet connection issues, such as slow internet connections, can be a major impediment to personal and professional development.

This is why, in addition to carrying out your personal and professional routines, you should subscribe to Xfinity internet deals or any other internet service provider’s packages to ensure your peace of mind.

To aid you in resolving the problem, we’ve compiled a list of likely causes and solutions to help you maintain a fast internet connection

Outdated Router

TheĀ mostĀ commonĀ causeĀ ofĀ internetĀ disconnectionĀ isĀ anĀ outdatedĀ andĀ malfunctioningĀ route.Ā 
InĀ thatĀ scenario,Ā forĀ optimalĀ speedsĀ andĀ performance,Ā youĀ shouldĀ upgradeĀ toĀ aĀ fasterĀ router thatĀ preferablyĀ employsĀ Wi-FiĀ 5Ā orĀ Wi-FiĀ 6Ā protocols.

How to fix it?

You should take your time to research the various router options. The router you pick must be compatible with Wi-Fi 5 or Wi-Fi 6 protocols. It is advised that you do not buy a router online. Prefer buying it from the store.


Faulty Cables

Your ISP might not always be responsible for the malfunctioning of your internet. There can be multiple other reasons that can be affecting your output.

One such reason is broken or loose cables. Faulty cables cannot provide you with optimal internet speeds

How to fix it?

Your internet can keep disconnecting if you are using broken cables.

No matter what internet type you use, it will not be effective. You should replace them with newer cables.

Examine your modem.

Are you wondering why your modem not connecting to internet, do note that if your modem is not correctly connected to your ISP, your internet may continually disconnecting. The modem should be able to effortlessly connect to the home network.

Your modem could be broken if there is a problem.

How to fix modem issues

Make sure the modem connection’s entry point is correct. If it doesn’t seem to be operating properly, call your ISP and have them check to see if the modem is receiving and delivering signals properly.

Network may be overloaded

There could be a lot of gadgets connected to your home network. This may cause your internet connection to slow down. Moreover, during peak hours, the same speed lag issue may arise.


Turning off some devices can help you save bandwidth. You can also set aside time for strenuous activity. Running periodic speed checks to be aware of the speeds encountered will help you assess the consistency of the speed of the Wifi router.

Wrong placement of the Router

Router is in the wrong spot. The incorrect placement of the router is one of the most common causes of internet failure or slow speeds.

Everyone requires a regular and reliable internet connection and How to fix internet connection issues on Wi-Fi and Router

If your router is hidden in a closet or at the farthest corner of the home, don’t be shocked if you keep getting dropped signals.

Any heavy object in the way of the router’s transmission would hinder it and cause fading signals.

Due to signal interferences, the impact is significantly worse when the router is positioned near any of the electrical equipment.

How to fix it?

Many people do not pay attention to where the router is placed. This method can help fix wifi connection issues in windows or pc.

The signals are eventually lost. As a result, make sure it’s in a high-traffic area and that it’s free of any physical hazardsĀ like furniture or electronic appliance should be removed.

Some Quick Pointers

Here are a few short steps to help you improve your internet connection speed

Get as close to the Router as possible.

The router should not be too far away from you. To get the best signal strength, you should be close by.

Drivers must be updated.

It is highly advised that you update your card drivers and firmware. Most of the time, this prevents you from experiencing any connectivity issues.

Remove all potential stumbling blocks.

If any physical items or impediments are in the way, you should relocate them out of the path to avoid signal drops.

Ethernet is a good option.

Switching to Ethernet internet will help you avoid troubles with optimum speed. This way, you’ll be protected from any internet connectivity troubles that WIFI connections may cause. If you can’t afford any signal drops, an Ethernet connection is a better option than WIFI.

Conclusion- How to Fix Internet Connection Issues in Windows

How to fix wifi connection issues on windows 10 most especially has been a major problem to some folks who find it difficult troubleshooting Wi-Fi and Internet connection Problems.

This article helps rectify all possible problems you may encounter using the internet, router or the Wireless Internet Connection.

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