How To Post Anonymously In A Facebook Group

How To Post Anonymously In A Facebook Group – Posting anonymously in a FB group makes you post without revealing your identity. Some people don’t know that they can post in a group without revealing their identities. But, only the group admins and FB can see your identity excluding the users.

People may want to create content or opinion without attracting attention to themselves. You can get advice or suggestions on personal matters without exposing your identity. With the feature, you can upload content without people knowing you as the author.

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To post anonymously in any group you belong to, the admins should have activated the feature. So have in mind that without the admins enabling the feature, you can’t post items anonymously. Even after uploading any item in the group, the administrators will have to approve it first. Before it will appear for other users to view and interact with.

One thing to bear in mind is that group admins, and even Facebook itself will see your identity. The good thing is that to publish any item anonymously, you can do it on any gadget. The gadget can be a smartphone, iOS, or even a computer.

If you have not yet published anonymously in a group yet, you need to do so because it will hide your identity. You can use the feature to publish want has been bordering you without others knowing who the author is.

How To Post Anonymously In A Facebook Group

  • When you open the app on any gadget you own, head over to the menu page.
  • Search for the groups’ button in the many options that you will come across.
  • Then select the group you wish to publish without revealing your identity.
  • Hit on the anonymous Post button that is close to the create post bar
  • At this point, you need to start creating the content you need to publish.
  • When you are through with the content creation, the last thing to do is to hit on the submit button. This will complete the process.
  • After the content creation, bear in mind that even your comment on the post will remain anonymous.
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