How to spell Restaurant | Definition, history & Application |


How to spell Restaurant | Learn the correct spelling and application|


In this page, we are going to be teaching our users the correct spelling, definition, use and pronounciation of the commonly wrongly spelt word ” restaurant”


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Restaurant |Definition|

The word “restaurant” is a noun and it is an eatery where customers are served meals, typically at their tables by waiters but occasionally (like at a fast food restaurant) at a counter.



  1. I love to eat in a restaurant
  2. That Japanese restaurant serves the best Asian food I’ve ever had in my life.


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Synonyms/ Related terms




Other people have misspelled restaurant as:

  • resturant – 10.1%
  • restaurante – 9.4%
  • restront – 5.3%
  • resteraunt – 3.1%
  • restrant – 2.9%
  • ristorante – 2.9%
  • restent – 2.9%
  • restante – 2.5%
  • restant – 2.5%
  • restraunt – 2.4%
  • Other – 55.89%


Now, then how do you spell restaurant?

Read through this entire to understand the correct spelling and pronounciation of restaurant

How to pronounce restaurant in different languages


  • How to spell restaurant in British

How do you spell restaurant | How to spell restaurant|

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Pronounciation:  (British) IPA: /ˈɹɛs.t(ə).ɹɒ̃/, /ˈɹɛs.t(ə).ɹɒnt/, /ˈɹɛs.t(ə).ɹ(ə)nt/


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Spelling: Restaurant


  • How to spell restaurant in French

French: restaurant
  • How to spell restaurant in spanish

  • Restaurant spelling in American

Pronounciation: (America) IPA: /ˈɹɛs.t(ə)ˌɹɑnt/, /ˈɹɛs.t(ə).ɹənt/
Spelling: restaurant
  • How do you spell restaurant in Italian?

Italian: ristorante

How to spell restaurant in other languages


German: Restaurant, Gaststätte
Portuguese: restaurante
Russian: рестора́н
Spanish: restaurante, restorán


Restaurant or resturant which is correct?


The correct spelling is restaurant and not resturant or restarant.

Is T silent in restaurant?


The word can be pronounced with a silent final “t” as it would be in French because it is borrowed from thr french.


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