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How Can You Temporarily or Permanently Deactivate your Account?

Have you ever wondered how to permanently erase your Kik account? This guide will assist you in deleting your account permanently or temporarily if you wish to do so.

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Children begin their digital lives quite young, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to protect them from online threats. Texting is one area where parents should exercise caution, and Kik is likely the most popular app. Consequently, many parents wish to disable the chat feature on Kik or delete the account permanently.

Historically, the application was notable for its cross-platform chat, high level of security, and ability to chat in secret. Modern applications (WhatsApp and Signal) perform the same function, so if you wish to leave Kik, it is not difficult to deactivate or delete your ID (if you need to return to it in the future).

What’s the difference between deactivation and deletion on Kik?

What, then, is the difference between deactivation and deletion? When you deactivate Kik, you will no longer receive any correspondence from the application, no one will be able to locate your username, and you will disappear from contact records. Your Kik account is not deleted and will be reactivated if you sign in again in the future.

How to Delete Kik Account Permanently?

Kik enables you to permanently delete the application with just a few taps, assuming you are certain that you are done with it. When you delete your Kik account, the following occurs:

  1. You can never again get to your profile.
  2. You will quit getting Kik messages and notifications.
  3. Your Kik username will not be accessible to users, and your profile will be out of reach of the people you have messaged.

The Essential Requirement: You must recall (and contact) the email address that was used to create your Kik account. That is how a Kik account is deleted:

  • Open the Kik account portal for deletion on a browser.
  • Put your username and your email to set up the Kik account.
  • Enter an explanation behind why you are leaving/deleting Kik.
  • Tick the box that identifies you are erasing your account forever and click Go!
  • Browse your email, and there you will get a deactivation email; click the link given to deactivate your record forever (i.e., delete).
  • Finish up the Kik account cancellation system to get rid of your Kik profile/account.

You now know how to delete a Kik account permanently and can respond to the question “how do I delete my Kik account?”

How to Deactivate a Kik Account Temporarily or Permanently?

You can permanently deactivate or delete your Kik account by visiting their deactivation and deletion page. After that, you can provide your email address and other pertinent information. You can then deactivate or delete your profile after this is complete.

On Kik, you can temporarily deactivate or permanently delete your account. If you deactivate or delete your profile completely, your conversation history, photos, videos, and other material will be deleted forever after a specified number of days. However, if you temporarily deactivate your profile, you can access your ID and read your messages again. In this regard, it is undoubtedly the superior option. This post explains how to deactivate a Kik account without an email address.

Deactivate Kik Temporarily Using a Browser

On Kik, there is currently no built-in mechanism to delete or deactivate your account. In any case, you can use a web browser to delete your Kik profile temporarily or permanently.

Since your profile cannot be deactivated through the Kik application, you must access the deactivation page via a web browser. Therefore, here is a bit-by-bit procedure for deactivation:

  • Open any internet browser on your gadget.
  • You can go to the Kik help page and find the deactivation page to get immediate admittance to the page.
  • The “Deactivate Your Account” page will show up. Enter the email you used to make a Kik account in the “Enter your email….” box.
  • From that point onward, tap the GO! Button.
  • Presently you will see “Success!” Message in your internet browser screen.
  • Open the inbox of your email that you entered, and you will see a message from Kik to open it.

Note: If there is no message from Kik in your inbox, check your spam folder or look elsewhere.

  • You will see a link on your screen to deactivate your profile; Click on it.
  • At long last, adhere to the on-screen guidance to finish the deactivation process.

After completing the steps outlined above, you will be able to answer the questions “how to deactivate a Kik account” and “how to delete a Kik account permanently.”


The deletion of your Kik account is not immediate. Kik requires days to remove your information from its server. Furthermore, you can reactivate your profile at any time after temporarily deactivating it.

This article attempts to answer your questions about deactivating your Kik account. We hope this article has answered your questions and assisted you in deactivating Kik.

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