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Overview of the Sugar scoop welding hood


The Sugar Scoop welding hood as known as the Hood for Pipeline Welding is a welding tool every welder or one who require to weld any material or metal need to achieve the best kind of welding you can ever find.

Every welder needs welding hoods as essential pieces of gear in welding.

The sugar scoop welding hood enables your face and eyes to be shielded from the heat, light, and sparks that are produced while welding if you are wearing the correct pipeliner welding hood or the sugar scoop welding hood.

You need a well-built welding hood to keep you safe, regardless of how big or small your welding jobs are.

Pipeliners Pancake welding hood

More than just protection is provided by the sugar scoop welding hoods.

These pancake welding hoods have been developed and redesigned to be as light and comfy as possible so they won’t hinder your movement or cause you to become distracted while you’re working.

CMR fabrications have worked tirelessly for years to provide sugar liner welding hoods that we are proud of, and we hope you will be too.


Why do pipeliners wear the sugar scoop welding hood/Pancake welding hoods

Pipeliners are required to wear the pancake hoods or better still the sugar scoop welding hoods because of the following reasons mentioned below:

The purpose of pancake hoods worn by pipeline welders

  1. They are used to shield a welder’s eyes from welding machine sparks.
  2. Additionally, they can shield your eyes from the intense UV rays that are released when the welding machine is in use.
  3. Round pancake welding hoods can completely enclose and safeguard the face.


What are the different types of welding helmets or hoods


A welding helmet is one of the most important items of equipment that every welder should own.


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To ensure that the task is done properly, it’s important to be aware of the many types of welding helmets available.

Every welding helmet must comply with ANSI standards, which call for lenses that are heat-, UV-, and infrared-protective.

That does not, however, imply that you have no options.

Depending on your preferences and style, there are numerous welding helmet options.

Let’s look at it!


  1. Variable Shade Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
  2. Fixed Shade Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
  3. Passive Welding Helmet
  4. Pancake Welding helmet
  5. Leather Welding Mask


You can have a look at the various types of welding hoods or helmets in this article page.


Are pancake welding hoods OSHA approved?

You would wear them while welding pipe or on a pipeline, and they are OSHA approved, but I wouldn’t use them in all or general roles.

How much does a sugar scoop welding hood weigh?

The sugar scoop welding hood comes at a total weight of 9oz with the headgear.

The sugar scoop welding hoods reviews

Here are some screenshoots of the sugar scoop welding hoods’ reviews generated from some of the users from pipeliners who have purchased this awesome welding hood product.

Why do pipeliners wear the pancake hood?

Sugar scoop welding hood reviews

Sugar scoop welding hoods



Where can I buy the Sugar scoop welding hood?

You can purchase a product of this welding hood from Amazon using this link


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