Top 3 ways to make money online

Regardless of location or technology, almost anything is accessible with an internet connection. Check out our top picks if you’re looking for rapid money-making opportunities:

  • Fill out online surveys: to earn extra money by giving your ideas on well-known survey websites. 
  • Test video games and software: to provide creators a better understanding of how users interact with their products. 
  • Review websites: and offer criticism to help others make them more user-friendly.

Fill out online surveys 

  • setup only only a few minutes for users to create an account. 
  • Age restrictions range from 13 to 18 depending on the site. 

Time of payment: varies depending on the minimum amount needed to cash out. 

You can increase your income even if it might seem unattainable by doing online surveys in your spare time. 

Several businesses pay people to participate in surveys that are being conducted for broad market research and to analyze consumer behavior. These surveys help companies decide what products to introduce or where to place advertisements. 

However, some persons are unable to complete online questionnaires. For instance, some surveys only count respondents who meet specific demographic requirements, including being a particular gender, age, or occupation.

The majority of survey websites offer comparatively modest pay with a set earning criterion. 

For instance, you might earn $0.50 to $3 every survey. You  won’t be able to cash out, though, unless your earnings total between $10 and $25. For these reasons, earning money online through taking surveys is not a sustainable long-term strategy.

Here are some well-known survey websites if the potential negatives don’t bother you:

  1. swagbucks
  1. Survey junkie
  1. Quick rewards 

Test video games and software

  • Minutes to hours, depending on how long the game is, for setup 
  • Minimum age: 18 
  • Payment terms: between a few days and a few months after finishing the game or its beta version. 

In 2021, the market for video games had a value of $178.73 billion, up 14.4% from the previous year. 

Video games also hold the largest market share for digital media globally. As a result, there are many opportunities for people to earn money online by testing games and other apps. 

Some applications, like Mistplay, encourage users to carry out specific tasks so they can receive in-game currency as a reward. These rewards can be exchanged for gift cards or actual cash. 

Through Keywords Studios’ Global Beta Test Network, people get paid to play games before they are officially released. 

Other online games, like Givling, provide monetary prizes as well. 

Be wary of websites and apps that steal your personal information by pretending to be games or apps.

Review website

  • Users normally need to sign up and take a brief practice exam during setup, which takes a few minutes. 
  • Age restrictions range from 16 to 18 depending on the site. 
  • Payment terms: one to two weeks following the test 

Consider working as a website tester if you have a good eye for website design and development. It’s an excellent approach to earn money rapidly and become fully immersed in the web development field. 

To evaluate websites, you must be capable of logical and critical thought, have excellent communication skills, and be knowledgeable with website functionality and design. These qualities may improve your test-reporting quality and job prospects. 

Payments are often project-based and vary in cost depending on the testing protocols used and the platform’s regulations. 

For instance, UserTesting charges $4 to $120 for testing. The pay for website testers who participate in in-person client interviews is higher. 

Additional online markets where people can find work evaluating websites and make money include the following:

  • Ubertesters. a business that crowdsources testing for websites, mobile apps, and games. 
  • Userbrain. a web-based tool for testing the usability of websites and digital product prototypes. 
  • Testbirds. testing the user experience of digital products such as fitness monitors, mobile apps, and eCommerce websites. 
  • Userlytics. It offers assignments that concentrate on analyzing video advertising in addition to evaluating websites and apps. 
  • Trymata. provides written input based on surveys and recorded videos for usability testing of websites and mobile apps.
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